A Family Outing are unique collectible Relics in Tomb Raider (2013). There are three items in the game.

Stuffed BunnyEdit

Singed around the edges... what happened to your owner?

Further ExaminingEdit

There's a name on the tag... Millie.

Toy TrainEdit

Where have all the children gone?

Further ExaminingEdit

Another name, carved faintly into the wood. Coco.

Worn WalletEdit

There's a picture of two girls. This wallet belonged to a father...

Further ExaminingEdit

The names on the picture... Millie and Coco. I found their toys! What happened to this poor family?


  • While Lara adventures through the geothermal caverns, she encounters many prisoners of the Solarii Brotherhood. You can listen to some of the prisoners' scripted ramble. One of them will describe the events that happened to the children who owned the toys above, showing that he is most likely their father.
    • Afterwards, he mutters that his wife and children were captured, and they died. Before he goes silent he says he wants to be with them in heaven, expecting himself to die in weeks, or even days.