Assault Rifles are a recurring weapon type in the Tomb Raider series.

Original Timeline Edit

Tomb Raider II Edit


M-16 (TR2)

TR II - M16

M-16 (TR2)

The M-16, along with the Grenade Launcher, is the most powerful weapon in Tomb Raider II. It has great firepower and firing rate, and can rapidly kill any enemy. The only drawback is that Lara has to do a battle stance to fire it, so she can't shoot goons with it if she is running or jumping, although she can fire the M-16 if she is walking. There are plentiful of ammo, so it shouldn't be a problem, because most of the time the player will rely on the Uzis or the Grenade Launcher. Firepower: 8/10. Firing Rate: Fast, but not as fast as the Uzis.

Legend Timeline Edit

Tomb Raider Legend Edit


The RC650, can be found in Tomb Raider Legend on many enemies. The rifle has a clip size of 30 rounds, with another 4 spare clips - a maximum total of 150 rounds of ammo for player to carry, and ammo can be picked up frequently.

A12 assault rifle

Tomb Raider Underworld Edit

The A12 is the assault rifle featured in game. It does not have any ammunition pickups, and ammo carried ranges from 120 to 300 rounds, dependant on difficulty. It is well balanced, between damage, range, magazine capacity and rate of fire.

Enemies carry AR-06 based on the and Norinco Type 56, which is a variant of the AK-47.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Edit

The "Assault Rifle" based on the Colt 727, offers a decent rate of fire but has low ammo consumption, and but has low power.

The AR-06 returns from Tomb Raider Underworld. It has higher power than the standard assault rifle, it has no difference in rate of fire of ammo consumption, making it the better option once it's been unlocked.

The H&K G3A3 appears as the "High Power Assault Rifle", it offers more damage, and a higher rate of fire but consumes more ammo.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Edit

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Survivor Timeline Edit

Tomb Raider (2013) Edit

Guerrilla Rifle

The World War II Submachine Gun is replaced by the Assault Rifle, which is based on an AK-47, when the first set of rifle parts is collected.

When the second set of Rifle parts are collected. It has additional upgrades, and offers, better damage and range.


Upgrade Unlock Cost Effect
Grenade Launcher Story - Makeshift grenade launcher removed from an enemy turret and attached to the rifle.
High Capacity Mag WWII Submachine Gun 225 Longer magazine holds 15 more rounds.
Padded Stock WWII Submachine Gun 300 Rifle butt and grip padding helps steady the weapon while firing.
Muzzle Brake WWII Submachine Gun 350 Padded Stock required. Effectively dispels the gas from bullet firing to reduce recoil.
Taped Double Mag WWII Submachine Gun 300 Two magazines taped together increases reload speed.
Polished Ejector WWII Submachine Gun 250 Polished ejector increases firing rate.
Barrel Shroud Assault Rifle 350 Barrel shroud improves gun handling for increased damage.

It is replaced by the Commando Rifle when the second set of Rifle parts is collected. Despite it's name, is actually a Light Machine Gun.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Edit

ROTTR Military Rifle Modified

The Guerrilla Rifle returns as, though simply known as the "Assault Rifle" in game. It features new upgrades. Lara obtains this weapon from a Trinity soldier.


Assault Rifle - A balanced, dependable rifle for any scenario. Obtainable from Strongboxes.

Military Rifle - Military-grade rifle focused on smooth firing. Obtainable from a vendor for 140 Byzantine Coins.

Snowflake - Light camouflage patterned military rifle that holds steady when firing.


Rifle Suppressor - Suppresses rifle fire noise for stealth. Reward from "Gulag Recon" mission.

Laser Sight - Red dot sight that increases accuracy. Increase zoom factor plus aim pointer. Must be bought from the vendor for 25 Byzantine Coins.

Grenade Launcher - Under-barrel grenade launcher that fires explosive rounds. Launches frag grenade with [M MOUSE]. Must be bought from the vendor for 120 Byzantine Coins.

Ammo Edit

Grenades - Weapon launched fragmentation grenades for use with the rifle Grenade Launcher.


Upgrade Cost Effect
Match Grade Barrel 4 cloth
12 salvage
Precision milled barrel allows shots to fire with no distribution in trajectory for increased damage.
Modified Firing Pin 11 salvage
2 technical parts
Modified pin means smoother firing for increased rate of fire.
Padded Stock 5 cloth
11 hide
A more comfortable stock reduces kickback for increased recoil stability.
Barrel Shroud 4 hide
11 salvage
Metal sheathing protects the user from a heated barrel, allowing for faster reloading.
Extended Magazine 13 salvage
4 technical parts
A larger magazine allows more shots to be fired before the need to reload.
Barrel Extension 4 (5) oil
12 (14) salvage
Crafting Tool required.
A longer barrel allows for a more precise shot, resulting in increased damage.
Polished Receiver 6 (8) cloth
12 (14) salvage
Crafting Tool required.
A polished firing mechanism results in less jams for a faster rate of fire.
Wrapped Magazine
(Assault Rifle)
10 (12) hide
10 (12) salvage
Crafting Tool; Extended Magazine required.
Hide wrapping increases grip while changing mags for increased reload speed.
Custom Magazine
(Military Rifle)
7 (9) hides
10 (12) salvage
Crafting Tool; Extended Magazine required.
Magazine modified to reduce reload time.
Custom Grip 16 (20) hide
1 (1) exotic hide
Crafting Tool required.
Improved grip allows for a more comfortable hold and better recoil compensation.
Chromoly Barrel 15 (18) salvage
4 (4) chromite ore
Enhancement Tool; Match Grade Barrel required.
A super smooth barrel means shots fire with no resistance for increased damage.
Taped Double Magazines
(Assault Rifle)
10 (12) hide
12 (14) salvage
Enhancement Tool; Wrapped Magazine required.
Two magazines are taped together for quick access to a second mag and increased reload speed.
Quick Release Magazine
(Military Rifle)
12 (14) salvage
8 (8) technical parts
Enhancement Tool; Custom Magazine required.
Magazine with custom attachments for increased reload speed.
Muzzle Brake 10 (12) oil
11 (13) salvage
Enhancement Tool required.
Redirects propellant gases to counter recoil and unwanted rising of the barrel during firing.
High Capacity Magazine
(Assault Rifle)
17 (21) salvage
5 (5) technical parts
Enhancement Tool; Extended Magazine required.
An extra large magazine increases the number of shots that can be fired between reloads.
Drum Magazine
(Military Rifle)
15 (18) oil
7 (9) salvage
Enhancement Tool; Quick Release Magazine required.
A large capacity drum significantly increases shot capacity between reloads.
Improved Gas Port
(Assault Rifle)
18 (22) salvage
4 (4) technical parts
Refinement Tool required.
Redirects gas released when firing into the receiver to auto-cycle loading of the next round, improving firing speed.
Custom Receiver
(Military Rifle)
19 (23) salvage
3 (3) technical parts
Refinement Tool; Polished Receiver required.
A custom trigger group within the receiver increases sensitivity for increased rate of fire.
  • (x) = Survivor Cost