This article is about a crawler Atlantean. For other types, see Winged Atlantean, Atlantean Centaur.

Crawling Atlantean

Crawling Atlantean from TR1

Atlanteans are enemies that appear in Tomb Raider: Featuring Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business and Tomb Raider: Anniversary. They resemble large tall beings and have no skin on their bodies. 


The Atlanteans will run around at high speeds trying to attack Lara, either by hitting her, or possibly shooting fireballs/darts at her. The beasts have a large amount of health and are capable of causing heavy damage to Lara. When defeated, their bodies explode into many pieces that are capable of damaging Lara if they touch her.


At an earlier stage in Tomb Raider's development, the Atlanteans' muscles were incorrectly textured and appeared black and white. However, their bones were textured correctly and are a different color to that seen in the final version. Note that the Atlanteans and winged Atlanteans share the same slot, hence the winged variation in the image below.


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