Atlantean centaurs are enemies that appear in Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business and Tomb Raider: Anniversary. In TR1, they resemble Half-Man, Half-Horse hybrids, but have no skin. In TRA, however, they have monstrous torsoes and a horse-head, as well as having skin.


The centaurs look much like their Atlantean cousins: red, fleshy skin, muscles showing etc. They look like a regular Atlantean Soldier, but replace the legs with a horse body. In Anniversary, they lack pupils from their eyes, as does every enemy in Anniversary, so that is more than likely an error than an actual thing. Also in Anniversary, their heads look much more like horses but smaller than those of the Atlantean Soldiers.


The centaurs run at very high speeds, attempting to stomp on Lara as well as pelting her with fireballs. They have far more health than the average atlantean and are capable of quickly sapping Lara's health away. They explode once defeated.

They are first encountered as bosses in front of the Tomb of Tihocan, but later appear as regular enemies in Atlantis.

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It was rumored that the Centaurs along with all the other Atlantean creatures were going to return in Underworld, only two of these were true: Jacqueline Natla and the Doppelgänger.