Auger Ramille

Auger Ramille was an assassin in the employ of Trinity. He was skilled enough to infiltrate a North Korean camp and assassinate a general and escape without being detected. Ramille was revealed to be suffering from cancer, which had become aggressive, he was oddly accepting of his impending demise, even disregarding Trinity's orders, to take on a personal mission.

Trinity Dispatched him to Kill Lara Croft and Kaz Weiss, upon the failure of Mr Cruz. However Ramille became fascinated by Lara. He watched as she fought off two muggers, and was impressed by her skill. He later killed the muggers, as he heard they planned to go after her with a larger group. He desired to train her, to make her a better killer. He again saved Lara, by killing Mr Cruz's bodyguards. He presented the offer to be trained, which Lara refused. In a rather melancholic way, he committed suicide, by standing in the path of a train, rather than wait to die from his cancer.

Trivia Edit

Despite the respect Mr Cruz had for Ramille, he did not return it, and considered Cruz, "A Prat."