Bob is the leader of the Damned.

Many years ago, Bob came looking for employment and found Sophia Leigh's cosmetics company to work as a lab assistant. During his employment under Sophia, Bob was experimented on along with many other people. They were locked in floatation tanks for days until they were released to find that their facial features had been distorted. They were dumped in the sewers and an abandoned station called Aldwych. Bob tried to commit suicide but found that he could not kill himself. Not only had their facial features been distorted but they had been made immortal too. Bob became the leader of the Damned.

After an encounter with Lara Croft, Bob tells his story and says he will help her to get to Sophia if she gets him a bottle of Embalming Fluid from the Museum of Natural History, He is afraid to go himself because of one of Sophia's other experiments was extremely displeased by her immortality.

Lara agrees and when she returns with the fluid and places it on the offering stone, Bob's main door opens giving her a route to get to Sophia


Tomb Raider III Adventures of Lara CroftEdit


Meeting Lara

  • "So, you must be after Miss Leigh then?"
  • "Though obviously not for revenge, mon. You hardly got the face for that."
  • "Hrumf! How moronic a question is that, eh? I don even have a face, mon!"
  • "Came down here heah looking for work, and what do I get, eh? Miss Leigh's cosmetic company and her lab assistant job. No experience necessary. Good wage. Accomodation with it. Aye, locked in a floatation tank for days on end in some fetid syrup. And when we come out - cos lots of it was applied, like - no face, no flesh, mon! And a bootin' down the waste disposal chute heah. Presumed dead!"
  • "Oh, tah! Very much! But, aye, and for added insult, when I tried to take me own life. Ah found dat it it jus didn't work."
  • "Oy aye, mon! Everlasting beauty. She's obviously not fully worked it out yet. She takes the best results for herself. See, I don care what your business wit her is. You can't be anymore shiftless than she is. So I'm goin to go out o' me way to help you. That is, after you done somethin' for us here like."
  • "A bottle of that mummy preservation stuff. From the Natural history Museum."
  • "Aye. For rottin' flesh, you canna whack it, mon. The museum's pretty interesting, I'm told. You'll like it."
  • "One of them Egyptian lassies there is a bit p****d off like that she didn't get immortality the way she wanted it. And seein' as we'd done better than her in that department, I didn't care to imagine what curse we could get given any worse than we got already like. You'll be fine though, pet. You die easy."



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