Recurve bow

The Bow is Lara's Primary weapon in the Survivor Timeline of the Tomb Raider series. It takes the place of the Dual pistols from all other timelines.

Lara uses several different bows over the course of the game. Which she either finds, makes, or is given. The bow is also initially used by Lara for melee purposes, with the bow itself being used to strangle enemies, and the arrows being used to incapacitate/kill foes during Dodge Counter/Kill.

Tomb Raider Edit

Bows Edit

Makeshift Longbow - Made of several sticks tied together. Has two available upgrades. Taken from a dead body hanging from a tree near the start of the game.

Recurve Bow - Made from a single piece of wood. Ornate patterns carves into limbs. Has Four Available Upgrades. Crafted by finding the first set of Bow Parts.

Compound Bow - A modern compound bow. Has six available upgrades. Given to Lara by Jonah, on Shipwreck Beach.

Competition Bow - A high-tech compound bow with a skeletal designed frame. Has 9 available upgrades. Crafted by finding the second set of Bow Parts.

Arrow types Edit

Standard - Completely silent, can be used to create distractions, can be retrieved, used for dodge counter/kill.

Rope - Can be used to pull enemies off ledges, tear down platforms or cover, create ziplines or swing from certain objects. .

Fire - Ignites enemy, or flammable substances/materials on impact. Can be used to light torches from afar or ignite gas leaks. They can be can be upgraded to spill a pool of Napalm upon impact, Explosive - Capable of killing groups of enemies, and destroying metal barriers and enemy cover positions.

Penetrating - A penetrating arrow that act as a standard arrow, which can penetrate an enemies' armor, or pass through soft targets to hit a multiple targets.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Unlock Cost Effect
Rope Arrows Story - Adds a rope arrow as an alternate firing mode. Can be used to pull enemies from ledges of create ziplines.
Fire Arrows Story - Arrows are lit on fire and ignite on impact.
Reinforced Limbs Makeshift Bow 250 Salvage Reinforced bow limbs allow a stronger pull for increased damage.
Wrapped String Makeshift Bow 200 Salvage Wrapped string enables a faster firing rate.
Key Ring Trigger Recurve Bow 250 Salvage Wrapped String required. Makeshift key ring release trigger further increases firing rate.
Napalm Arrows Compound Bow 350 Salvage Fire arrows spread a pool of fire on impact.
Plaited String Compound Bow 250 Salvage Reinforced Limbs required. Twisted bow string increases arrow damage.
Explosive Arrows Competition Bow 650 Salvage Arrows are rigged with grenade tips to explode on contact.
Stabilizing Weight Competition Bow 300 Salvage Plaited String required. Stabilizing weights improve accuracy resulting in increased damage.
Penetrating Arrows Competition Bow 650 Salvage Charged shots will penetrate armor or pass through soft targets to hit multiple enemies.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider Edit

Bows Edit

Makeshift Longbow - Bare-bones bow crafted from sticks. Simple yet dependable.

Recurve Bow - A hand-crafted bow balanced for effectiveness in all situations.

White Widow - Bleached white recurve bow that is evenly balanced for all-around effectiveness.

Compound Bow - A technically advanced bow focused on high damage.

Ancient Horn Bow - An ancient Byzantine bow built for high firing speeds. Adorned with pieces of mountain ram horn. Obtainable through a quest.

Grim Whisper - Ancient horn bow with decorative snow leopard fur-wrapped limbs.

Guiding Light - A gilded ancient Byzantine horn bow crafted for quick firing in any circumstance. Obtained by Ancient Vanguard DLC.

Dreamstinger - a crude but functional weapon of wood, skin, and bone that imbues your arrows with the Witch's pollen. Obtained by completing Baba Yaga DLC area.

Death's Breath - Powerful modern bow with a custom carbon fiber patterning.

Arrow Types Edit

  • Silent Arrow - Standard arrows that kill silently.
  • Poison Arrow - Arrows that deploy a cloud of lethal poison on impact. If Death Cloud Arrows skill is known, crafting yields upgraded arrow type.
  • Fire Arrow - Burning arrows that can ignite flammable objects and unarmored enemies.Can be upgraded to spread a pool of Napalm. If Napalm Arrows skill is known, crafting yields upgraded arrow type.
  • Grenade Arrow - Explosive tipped arrows that detonate on impact, dealing heavy concussive damage. Can be upgraded to Clusterbomb Arrows, which will release several other explosive charges after the initial blast for more damage. If Cluster Bomb Arrows skill is known, crafting yields upgraded arrow type.
  • Armor Piercing Arrow - Arrow that shoots though armor plating. Obtained in a The Lost City, replaces Silent Arrow.

Crafting Edit

  • Silent Arrows - Crafted with 1 (?) feathers, 2 (?) hardwood
  • Poison Arrows - Crafted with 2 (?) arrows, 1 (?) cloth, 3 (?) mushrooms
  • Fire Arrows - Crafted with 2 (?) arrows, 1 (?) cloth, 1 (?) oil
  • Grenade Arrows - Obtained in The Acropolis, Crafted with 2 (?) arrows, 1 (?) cloth, 4 (?) Magnesite Ore
  • Armor Piercing Arrows - Obtained in The Lost City (replaces silent arrows)

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Unlock Cost Effect
Reinforced Limbs All bows 3 (3) hide

3 (3) wood

Stronger limbs allow for increased string tension and faster arrow speeds for more damage.
Grip Wrap All bows 3 (4) cloth
8 (10) hide
Wrapped grip provides better handling of the bow and faster draw speed.
Wrapped String All bows 5 (6) cloth Hide wrapped bow string around the nock decreases finger tension for additional hold time.
String Nocks All bows 12 (14) salvage Wrapped String required.
Arrow nocks on the bow string allow for quicker loading of arrows and faster fire rate.
Waxed String All bows 17 (20) cloth
1 (1) boar fat
Crafting Tool required.
Wax creates a more flexible string which makes drawing smoother and faster.
Notched Rest All recurve bows 6 (10) hide
5 (7) wood
12 (18) salvage
Crafting Tool required; Grip Wrap required.
An arrow rest on the shaft makes loading arrows easier and faster.
Trigger Release All compound bows 1 (2) hide
4 (5) salvage
Crafting Tool required.
A custom release makes holding a fully drawn string much easier, increasing hold time.
Adjusted Limbs All compound bows 7 (7) salvage
2 (2) technical parts
Crafting Tool required.
A refined set of limbs allows for more draw tension for increased damage with each shot.
Weighted Horn All horn bows 16 (18) hide
2 (3) deer antlers
Crafting Tool required.
A more evenly balanced shaft allows for faster redraw and firing of arrows.
Shooting Glove All recurve and horn bows 7 (9) hide
2 (2) exotic hide
Enhancement Tool required.
Soft hide glove decreases finger tension on a fully drawn string, increasing hold time.
Reinforced Shaft All recurve bows 5 (7) cloth
10 (12) hide
1 (1) exotic hide
Enhancement Tool; Reinforced Limbs required.
Better shaft backing allows for increased draw weight which increases damage.
Stabilizer All compound bows 2 (3) hide
7 (9) salvage
Enhancement Tool required.
Stabilizer equalizes bow weight balance and drift after firing, allowing for faster redraw and firing.
Improved Cams All compound bows 10 (12) oil
20 (24) salvage
2 (2) technical parts
Enhancement Tool required.
Cams are refined to increase draw tension fall off, making for increased hold time at full draw.
Thumb Release All horn bows 10 (12) wood
20 (24) salvage
2 (2) deer antlers
Enhancement Tool required.
Byzantine-style antler firing release allows for a faster draw and increased shooting speed.
Custom Shaft All recurve bows 20 (24) hide
5 (7) deer antlers
Refinement Tool; Reinforced Shaft; Reinforced Limbs required.
Forming improvement increase shaft strength allowing for increased hold time.
Lubricated Cams All compound bows 25 (29) salvage
2 (2) boar fat
23 (23) technical parts
Refinement Tool; Improved Cams required.
Cams are lubricated for smoother operation which makes firing smoother and faster.
Drop Away Rest All compound bows 20 (24) salvage
3 (3) chromite ore
9 (9) technical parts
Refinement Tool required.
Arrow rest drops away on release allowing arrows to fly faster and inflict more damage.
Custom Horn Shaft All horn bows 18 (22) hide
12 (14) salvage
2 (2) deer antlers
Refinement Tool required.
Forming improvements increase shaft strength allowing for increased hold time.
  • (x) = Survivor Cost

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Trivia Edit

  • Lara learned archery in during her time in boarding school.
    • Rhianna Pratchett said in an interview that she wrote Lara using a bow, as she did archery herself in her youth.
      • Coincidentally, Lara's actress, Camilla Luddington, also did archery when she was younger.
  • Lara apparently did archery in the original timeline as well, though she never used a bow in game, she did use a Crossbow.
  • Lara has used a bow in the Tomb Raider Journey's comic series, showing a natural affinity for it.
  • Lara's recurve bow and competition bow from Tomb Raider can be found in Croft manor in Rise of The Tomb Raider after completing the Blood Ties DLC along with several other of Lara's possessions, indicating she has moved into the manor.
  • Different arrow types all use different coloured feathers.
  • Explosive arrows are an optional purchased upgrade in Tomb Raider and do not need to be acquired to advance the story as the grenade launcher will be acquired in during the story. This is opposite to Rise of the Tomb Raider, wherein explosive arrows are acquired during the story and the grenade launcher is an optional purchasable upgrade.