Lara at camp site

Camps are a gamplay feature introduced in the Survivor Timeline. Camps allows Lara to upgrade her Gear and spend skill points. While at a campsite,

The game will also save automatically while visiting camps. In-game, camps are always marked with a campfire. There are two different types of camps: Day Camps and Fast Travel Camps. Day Camps are marked with a campfire icon on the map. Fast Travel Camps are marked on the map with a tent icon.

After certain points in the story, visiting a camp will unlock Lara's Journals, which will be played as Lara's inner thoughts on previous events.

Overview Edit

The camps serve as a menu giving players several options.

Skills Edit

Players can unlock various types of skill using a skill points.

Fast Travel Edit

Simply travel to an previously visited hub areas.

Weapon Upgrades Edit

Upgrades a weapon using Salvage, a currency which can be collected by looting a dead enemies, and with a right skill, dead animals.

Change Outfit Edit

The players can change Lara's appearance to any of the DLC skins that are available after they have been purchased.

Notes Edit

  • Day Camps are mostly found in tombs, or story areas that cannot be returned to.
  • Fast Travel Camps' "Fast Travel" actions can only be used after the players reach Mountain Village.

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