Lara at camp site

Camps are a gamplay feature introduced in the Survivor Timeline. Camps allows Lara to upgrade her Gear and spend skill points. While at a campsite,

The game will also save automatically while visiting camps. In-game, camps are always marked with a campfire. There are two different types of camps: Day Camps and Fast Travel Camps. Day Camps are marked with a campfire icon on the map. Fast Travel Camps are marked on the map with a tent icon.

After certain points in the story, visiting a camp will unlock Lara's Journals, which will be played as Lara's inner thoughts on previous events.

Overview Edit

The camps serve as a menu giving players several options.

Introduced in Tomb Raider Edit

Skills Edit

Players can unlock various types of skill using a skill points.

Fast Travel Edit

Simply travel to an previously visited hub areas.

Upgrade Weapons Edit

Upgrades a weapon using Salvage, a currency which can be collected by looting a dead enemies, and with a right skill, dead animals.

Change Outfit Edit

The players can change Lara's appearance to any of the DLC skins that are available after they have been purchased.

Introduced in Rise of the Tomb Raider Edit

Change Loadout Edit

Weapons can be chosen as opposed to the original where the player will automatically have the best weapon in each category one the parts for the weapons are found.

Craft Gear Edit

Lara can use resources to craft ammo and resource pouches.

Notes Edit

  • Day Camps are mostly found in tombs, or story areas that cannot be returned to.
  • Fast Travel Camps' "Fast Travel" actions can only be used after the players reach Mountain Village.

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