Documents - Scroll 1

Chamber of Exorcism refer to special collectible Documents found in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

There are two total Chamber of Exorcism documents in the game.

Good IntentionsEdit

Deep below the holy ground of our city, we have found the source of the corruption. One of hell's winding tunnels snakes up and vomits forth a miasma of evil. There is no pattern to the demon's depredations, but his mark is plain. Men driven to wicked words and acts, as God's grace is driven from them.

We take them here, to the mouth of hell itself, to drive out the demons. We do not always succeed. Often the poor wretches are too far gone, and they die when we drive the beasts out of them. It is heartbreaking to lose good people, but we must stand against the Devil, in all his forms.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

A priest of Kitezh struggles to aid those afflicted with demonic possession...

A Moment of ClarityEdit

My mind is clear today. It was not so yesterday, and it will not be again. they say the devil is inside me, they say I am possessed. I have seen the beast in my heart, and it is only me, only my broken mind.

But the priests will not listen. I cannot blame them. Some days they appear to me as apparitions of manifest pain and hatred, so clouded are my eyes. I spit and yowl, for I am mad. But I know there is no evil in my heart. Only sickness that no man can cure.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

An ill woman awaits exorcism, knowing it will not heal her...