Documents - Journal 1

Codex of Survival refer to special collectible Documents found in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

There are four total Codex of Survival documents in the game.


Our ancestors came here as men and women fleeing Byzantium. They wandered into a wild that almost killed them, but they survived, and found this valley. And how did they honor this gift from God?

By tearing the stones from the mountains and building a new Empire, a mocking echo of that which almost destroyed them. But like the tower of Babel, God saw fit to cast us down, and to make us humble. We learned to listen to the land, to become stewards, not conquerors. And in turn, the land has offered up its secrets. You only have to listen....

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Jacob's people had to reinvent themselves to survive after Kitezh fell.

Language of the LandEdit

The flora of our valley, from the tall trees to the lowly mushrooms, were foreign to our ancestors when they first arrived. It took time and tragedy to learn the language of this land, but now we pass on this knowledge with every generation. The earth offers all we need.

There is the healing herb, which you know to seek near sources of water, and in sheltered coves. The birch wood of the forest, straight and true can be gathered to make arrows. And the deathcaps, the mushrooms you find inside rotting logs or in the dark, damp places, can make a potent poison.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

They were strangers in this land at first, but they pass on what each generation learns...

Common BloodEdit

The creatures of this valley were unfamiliar to us once, but now they are our brothers and sisters as much as any relative of blood. You can learn much about the creatures of our valley from the hunters, but they find worth in death.

We must also find the gifts our brothers give while they are still alive. In the nests of birds, you'll find feathers, for the fletchers to craft arrows. Ask for what you need, and the valley will provide.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

They've lived in relative harmony with the world around them for nearly a thousand years...

Bones of the EarthEdit

The bones of the earth itself offer up their wealth, and we have learned to survive and subsist. Oil bubbles up from below. It can be gathered in the deep places, caves, dens, and our ancestor's tombs, and it will burn with little effort. In times of war, we coat our arrows to make them burn.

Deeper still you can find metal in shining veins, that can be mined for their ore. We use that metal to forge simple tools, but someday, we will need that metal to repair the Soviet weapons... Living in harmony with the land rarely means living in harmony with our fellow man.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Even while they kept themselves in balance with the world, they always were prepared for war...