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Conrad Roth is the Captain of the Endurance, as well as a freelance salvage and treasure hunter.

He is ex-military. His interests include rock climbing, hiking and wreck diving.


Young Roth

Roth, in his thirties

After serving two combat tours with the RM (Royal Marines Commandos) Roth left the military and put his specialized skills to use as wreck-diver and freelance treasure-hunter, alongside his trusted friend, Grim. Roth purchased used research vessel, and name it the Endurance, after the ship of his hero, Irish Explorer, Ernest Shackleton.

Roth traveled the world, earning a reputation for toughness, competence, willingness to bend inconvenient laws restricting traffic in historical artifacts, as well as his faithfulness to his employers made him highly sought-after among discerning collectors.

His reputation garnered the interest of famous archaeologist, Richard Croft. For several years, Roth accompanied Richard Croft on over a dozen treasure-hunting expeditions, acting as a guide and, when necessary, bodyguard. It was through one of these jobs Roth met Croft's daughter, Lara, whom he grew very fond of, and she in turn grew fond of him. So much so, that Roth would often be the first person Lara would turn to, due to her father always being too busy to pay attention to her. Roth grew to love Lara as though she were his own daughter.

After her parents died, he became her legal guardian. He insisted on teaching her practical skills, such as rock climbing, navigation, and other survival skills, though they were a little unusual for a wealthy British heiress, Roth insisted that she be prepared for anything. Roth even helped her to hone her marksmanship, which she took as a hobby at school, (Possibly under Roth's suggestion.)

Roth met Joslin Reyes in a bar in New York, after waking up from being knocked unconscious by her. The two formed a casual romance, which resulted in Reyes becoming pregnant. Thinking that Roth wouldn't want to have anything to do with the child, Reyes left the crew, and hid Alisha's paternity from him.

Expedition to YamataiEdit

Lara Croft and Conrad Roth

Roth grew tired and longed for a large payday, which he could use to retire. He saw the opportunity to do so, in the form of James Whitman, who commissioned him for the third season of his show. Roth agreed, on the grounds that he choose his own crew to man the ship, to which Whitman agreed.

Though after Whitman's show was cancelled, they attempted to find funding, which came in the form of Samantha Nishimura's uncle, who wanted a sixty percent cut. Knowing he'd never agree to a lesser amount. Roth agreed to his terms.

Roth backed Lara on her theory of Yamatai being located within the Dragon's Triangle, which was notorious for ships going missing, as he didn't see the point in not at least looking, and knowing that their funding had a limit, he made the call that the ship go in.

Inside the Dragon's Triangle, the ship was inevitably hit by a massive storm, which resulted in the ship beginning tor sink, Roth sent out an S.O.S. He found Lara, in a flooded corridor, forcing the door open, he saved her, though they were separated, when the ship was ripped in half. He encouraged Lara to jump, which she did. He managed to catch her, though she slipped from his grasp, and much to his horror, Lara fell into the sea.

Roth managed to get to shore, alone. He made his way to high ground and made regular transmissions to try and contact what was left of his crew, and direct them to regroup at his position. He was overjoyed when he heard Lara's voice on the radio. Despite her pleas, Roth couldn't leave his position. He encouraged her to make her way to him alone.

He later contacted Lara to try and find out where she was, and she informed him of the Solarii killing the crew. Roth showed sympathy to Lara when she informed him that she had to kill several of them. He encouraged he to hurry up and get to him.

Shortly after he was set upon by a pack of wolves. He managed to fight them off, but not before one of the wolves mauled his leg, and another his foodpack, which also had his medical supplies inside and radio transmitter inside. Lara arrives, and he attempts to go and get the pack himself, however passes out from exhaustion and blood loss, Lara drags him to shelter and goes to get the pack herself, before returning to tend to his wounded leg.

He reawakens some time later, and expressed pride in Lara for managing to get the pack, and seems impressed with her first aid skills. He tells her that, the best way to transmit their distress signal, would be to use the radio tower, be he reminds her that with his wounded leg, he was unable to climb himself. After offering a few encouraging words to her, Roth gives Lara his climbing axe.

While Lara is gone, he set's about making himself a crutch, and even manages to find an old rifle, and ammo. He moves to a less exposed position, which is lucky as the plane that picked up their distress signal, had been struck by a storm and crashed on top of where he was.

Lara returns to Roth once more, When she expresses her desire to save the pilot (whom she saw parachute out of the burning plane) Roth tries to stop her, saying that it is too dangerous and the pilot may not have survived. Lara, however, refuses, and goes after the pilot, leaving Roth behind.

Roth makes his way to the Japanese palace at the base of the mountain, to meet with the rest of the group. He spots Lara being attacked by two Solarii, and kills them with his rifle. Lara informs him of Grim's death, to which he expresses great sadness. He provides Lara with cover fire while she attempts to cross the bridge.

He is picked up by the newly dispatched rescue helicopter. They find Lara and Roth encourages her to jump, once again intent on catching her, which he once again does, though he manages to get her into the helicopter. However, Lara threatens the pilot to make him land, however it is too late, and the storm destroys the helicopter.


TombRaider 2013 03 06 19 51 50 989

Roth passes.

Roth was ejected from the helicopter and passed out. Spotting Lara, he finds that she is not breathing and performs CPR. While helping her to safety, a small party of Solarii Brotherhood, led by Mathias, attacks them.

Roth shoots two of the Solarii with his pistol as Mathias closes in to attack Lara with a hatchet. Roth's gun either jams, or runs out of ammo, right before Mathias hurls the axe at them.

Reflexively, Roth spins around while holding Lara to shield her, and takes the full force of the blow in his back, dropping a horrified Lara. Roth draws his second pistol and kills the remaining Solarii, except for Mathias, who flees after Roth resumed shooting.

Lara begins to weep as Roth collapses. He apologizes for leaving her, but reminds he that she's "a Croft", in a final act bestows her, his beloved twin pistols, he then passes away. Lara cradles his body and cries.

His body is later burned on a funeral pyre by the crew. The crew (with the exception of Whitman) was distraught by his death, though Lara and Reyes were obviously affected a lot more.

Personality Edit

Roth has modeled his style of leadership on that of his hero, the explorer Ernest Shackleton. The wellfare and safety of his crew is paramount to Roth, and he prides himself on instinctively knowing who is going to make a good crew member. He is also a hands-on leader who knows how to boost the morale of his shipmates, have fun and remain both optimistic and realistic.

Roth comes off as rather callous at times, as he is shown to not seem to care about his crew dying, though this was because he didn't want his emotional attachment to cloud his judgement.

Roth considers himself married to the sea. He dreams of finding that one big score that will allow him to retire onto a large yacht and live out his days sailing wherever the winds will take him. If Lara is right about Yamatai and its significance, this will hopefully be his last job.


  • Rather ironically, Roth's faith in Lara, and her theories is ultimately what caused his death.
  • Despite his gruff exterior, Roth was a fan of poetry, such as the work of William Wordsworth.
  • Roth was also a fan of comedy, and is seen to have a liking for the work of Monty Python.
  • Roth's hair was black, as seen in issue seven of the comic series, when he was roughly thirty six. His hair was shown to be fully gray, a mere six years later, when he climbed Snowdon with Lara.
  • Roth's weapons of choice are a pair of 1911 pistols, specifically the Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced. He passes them onto Lara after he dies. The pistols are symbolic of the older Tomb Raider Games.
    • He refers to them as "Old Friends," however, the Remington 1911 R1 series has only been on the market since 2010.
  • Roth is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes. Ironically, Downes voices antagonists in the Uncharted Franchise, Namely Atoq Navarro in Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and Talbot in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. However he also served as the facial model for Tenzin, who is an ally in Uncharted 2. He has been confirmed to be involved in Uncharted 4 in some way.
    • Roth is also very similar to Victor Sullivan from the Uncharted Franchise: Both being mentors and father figures to the protagonist (in Sullivan's case, Nathan Drake), both have a habit of smoking and both are "only interested in the climax" (a term Nathan Drake uses to describe Sully's attitude of only being interested the payment/treasure.) 
  • Roth's death on Yamatai, is considered fitting, as it is also the final resting place of his ship.
  • Roth is a smoker as revealed in Tomb Raider: The Beginning.

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