The cowboy was one of Jacqueline Natla's henchmen.

Tomb Raider Edit

After the Bald Man grabs Lara Croft, the cowboy takes Lara's Dual Pistols from their holsters.

Later, in Natla's Mines, the cowboy is using Lara's (or Pierre's) magnums to kill her. Lara wins the battle and takes back the magnums.


In-Game AppearancesEdit

Tomb RaiderEdit


Tomb RaiderEdit

Ambushing Lara

  • "Howdy."
  • "Hey!"

Before attacking Lara

  • "Ain't nothin' personal."


  • The cowboy does not return for Tomb Raider: Anniversary. He is replaced by Larson Conway which means that Larson's death now takes place in Natla's Mines.
    • He is the only character to not return, or have any equivalent character in Anniversary.


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