Dmitri is the tertiary antagonist in the game, Tomb Raider (2013). Working for Mathias in the Solarii Brotherhood, he was in charge of the Geothermal Caverns.


Nothing is known about Dmitri's life before he came to Yamatai.

Geothermal CavernsEdit

Dmitri was seen with Nikolai in the Geothermal Caverns. When they spotted Lara attempted to rescue Samantha Nishimura, he and Nikolai violently attacked her for killing Vladimir until Mathis told them to stop. Dmitri took her weapons.

Dmitri was killed by Lara to save Sam and take back her weapons when she shot an arrow at him from behind.


Personality and TraitsEdit

To be added.


Dimitri didn't have much to say throught his part in the game.


  • He is the brother of Nikolai

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