For the Characters who appeared in Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Underworld, see Doppelgänger (Legend Timeline).

The Doppelganger was a replica of Lara Croft that appeared within a puzzle room in Atlantis.


The doppelgänger is encountered in 'The Great Pyramid.' Its appearance was of a skinless human with no hair,The creature seemed to have very limited intelligence, as it was only able to mimic/mirror Lara's every movement. While it did not attack directly, shooting it caused damage to Lara herself. Lara was eventually able to trick it into jumping into a pit of molten lava, destroying it. It is hypothesized that this doppelgänger was just an Atlantean creature copying Lara's every move because it did not have a motive.

Skills And Abilities Edit

The Doppelgänger possesses almost the same skills as Lara. She can throw fire balls faster than Lara can shoot her pistols and she can dodge Lara's bullets


  • In Tomb Raider, the doppelgänger looked nothing like Lara; it was extremely thin, had large alien eyes and a human looking flat chest making it seem like it was male.
  • The skinless appearance caused fans to dub it 'Bacon Lara.'