Fabio was a member of the Fiamma Nera cult/organisation.


Departure from VeniceEdit

"Is your belief so fragile?"
―Marco Bartoli[src]

Fabio pilots the plane with Marco.

In 1997, the Fiamma Nera abandoned their Venice hideout and set out for an offshore rig. The location of Gianni Bartoli's sunken grave and the Seraph was now certain. Piloting a plane towards the rig was Fabio and leader of the Fiamma Nera, Marco Bartoli. Fabio is concerned about the current progress that has been made on the excavation of Gianni's grave and deduces that Marco is perhaps wrong to look there. Marco, unsatisfied with Fabio's faith, punches him in the gut. With nobody momentarily piloting the plane, it is sent of control for a moment before Fabio recovers from the blow. Marco then explains things to him in order to persuade him otherwise. Fabio appears reassured. Marco then exits the cockpit to find a stowaway pointing Dual Pistols up at him. Lara Croft. She is rendered unconscious by a mechanic, Eros, and Fabio continues to pilot the plane towards its destination.


"They want the Seraph to unlock a malignant treasure we contain in our monastery in Tibet."
―Chan Barkhang[src]

A mercenary that may have been Fabio.

With many Fiamma Nera members searching for the Seraph inside the sunken Maria Doria, Marco Bartoli and many other followers travelled to Tibet in order to recover the Talion. They set up a campsite and soon assaulted the Barkhang Monastery which houses the entrance leading to the location of the Talion. It is possible that Fabio was killed by a monk or Lara at the monastery or down in the catacombs of the Talion.

In-Game AppearancesEdit

Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara CroftEdit


Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara CroftEdit

Cutscene - Offshore RigEdit

  • It's not the workload that is worrying me... perhaps the tide has gulped it away -- perhaps Gianni had never... I don't know...
  •'s just his grave has surrendered nothing, like we say, 'substantial'. It's all very interesting -- oh yes, I'm sure of it...
  • ...believe me -- but it's not quite the same now is it?
  • Hey, it's just a gut feeling, but maybe you are wrong to look there.
  • I know it. I believe it, Marco.


  • The reason why it is possible that Fabio was killed in Tibet is because many of the uzi wielding mercenaries seem to resemble him.


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