The Feast of Smythe is an event celebrated by a tribe in the South Pacific Islands in Kuru.

The tribe are the descendants of a tribe of Polynesians that had fled Antarctica because mutations started occurring in their newborn due to the meteorite artifacts they possessed.

In the 1830s, Charles Darwin's sailors had collected these artifacts and henceforth continued their sample collecting across the world. When they happened upon the South Pacific Islands they received a hostile reception from the native tribe. They recognized the artifacts of their ancestors and proceeded to attack the sailors. All of them escaped except a man named Smythe. He was killed and eaten by the tribe in an event named the Feast of Smythe. They also took his artifact, the Ora Dagger, and it fell into the hands of their god, Puna.

In 1998, Lara Croft discovers that the tribe are still celebrating the Feast of Smythe.

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