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Greek Fire

Greek fire is an ancient incendiary weapon used by the Byzantine Empire. It's formula is debatable even until today, though most claim that it is made by adding sulfur and quicklime to normal fires, which causes fire to turn blue and burn hotter. Greek Fire is said to be very difficult to be put out, even by water or sand.

History and Uses Edit

Greek Fire is seen as the primary weapon of the Deathless Ones. This, combined with their immortality, made them unstoppable, despite Trinity having state of the art military technology. They have used to burn massive trinity forces alive and even bring down massive tons of ice upon Kitezh. The Deathless One's Archers even use Greek Fire arrows. The Deathless Ones even have catapults that fire greek fire vessels.

Lara even use vessels of Greek Fire to destroy the base of the Prophet's statue in the archives in order to escape. During Lara's time in Kitezh, the Deathless Ones used the Greek Fire Catapults to fire Greek Fire vessels at her in an attempt to kill her. Lara used the greek fire catapults to fire Greek Fire vessels at the city gates that seal off the Chamber of Souls. The Remnants used a greek fire catapults to fire Greek Fire vessels at Konstantin's attack-copter. After finding a tomb in Kitezh, Lara found the chemical formula for Greek fire, enabling her to use it for her incendiary arrows.

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