The Guardian of the Talion is a giant half-man half-bird creature that resides in an ice palace beneath the Barkhang Monastery in Tibet.


The ProtectorEdit


The Talion within the ice palace.

Where the guardian originated from or how it came to be at the ice palace is unknown. But its purpose for being there is clear. To protect the Talion from being looted by intruders. The Talion was brought from the Great Wall of China by Tibetan monks in 210 BC and placed in the ice palace so that nobody could access the Dagger of Xian and its powers ever again. Considering that the guardian resembles a creature from the monks' own mythology, a Garuda, it is possible that the guardian will not harm the monks but will harm anyone else. According to the mythology, the Garuda are enemies of the Naga, serpent or dragon-like beings. This may be a motivation on why the guardian protects the Talion, because it is the key to the power which can bring a dragon into existence.

Arrival of Lara CroftEdit

"They want the Seraph to unlock a malignant treasure we contain in our monastery in Tibet."
―Chan Barkhang[src]

Lara battling the guardian.

In 1997 two parties are seeking the ultimate prize, the Dagger of Xian. Archaeologist-adventurer Lara Croft and the Fiamma Nera, a cult/organisation that worships the dagger's mystical powers. Allying herself with the monks of Barkhang Monastery and fighting the Fiamma Nera together, Lara was able to pass down into the ice palace without too much trouble. Lucky for her, the monks are unaware of her motivations for being there. Deep within the palace she finally discovers the Talion on a slab with the Xian symbol engraved on the ice. Exiting the chamber where she discovered the artefact, she can hear loud footsteps. The guardian has emerged from a cave and advances on her, ready to kill the intruder. Shooting at the giant creature many times, the guardian finally falls on its back.


To attack, the guardian will use its massive hands to throw a punch or both hands together to crush its enemies.

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