Handguns (also known as Pistols, Twin Pistols or Dual Pistols) are Lara Croft's default weapons and reliable companions in the Tomb Raider series and her default weapons in the most of the games.

Lara's Trademark Pistols
Game Capacity Damage Fire rate
I-V Unlimited 1 360/min.
AOD 9, 12, 30 N/A 150/min.
TRL 30 (40) 30 (35) 300/min.
TRA 40 45 300/min.
TRU 24 40 240/min.

Original Timeline Edit

TR3 Dual Pistols

Tomb Raider - Tomb Raider Chronicles Edit

Lara carries her signature dual pistols in all the games from Tomb Raider to Tomb Raider: Chronicles, in the original series, with the exception of the Ireland and VCI chapters in Chronicles, and the first two levels of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation where she was only 16 at the time. The pistols for the first three games are modeled after the Browning Hi-Power, and the Colt M1911 for the inventory model in TLR and Chronicles.

Lara has unlimited ammo for these and will always carry two of them. They are not very effective, but most of the mortal opponents, except the skeletons and mummies in The Last Revelation, can be killed with them. If you run and jump around a lot and circle your opponents they will suffice most of the time, even against a bigger opponent like the demigods or the T-Rex.

Angel of DarknessEdit

While Angel of Darkness does not feature the signature Dual Pistols, it features many different models of pistol: the Vector R-35 (Heckler & Koch USP Match in .45); M-V9 (Colt 1911A1 in 9mm); Scorpion-X (Glock 17); Desert Ranger (IMI Desert Eagle Mark VII) and Rigg 09 (Luger P08). There is also Kurtis's Boran X, which appears to be a customized Browning HP pistol.

The dual variants of the Vector-R35 and Scorpion X are still present and functional in-game, but weren't properly implemented due to cut content and time restraints. They can be accessed via a startup configuration utility or Action Replay for the PC and PS2 versions respectively.

Legend Timeline Edit

Lara Dive-Shoot

Tomb Raider: AnniversaryEdit

In Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Lara uses Colt Mark IV 1911 pistols, apparently chambered for .357 caliber ammo (.357 can be seen stamped on the side in some cutscenes, notably when fighting the T-Rex). They feature 20-round magazines and must be reloaded manually, but have unlimited ammo.

To reload, the aim button must be held and then the action button must be pressed.

TRU Shooting

Tomb Raider: LegendEdit

Lara's pistols are Heckler & Koch USP Match pistols (noted in-game as the RGB Mach 5) with silver slides and black frames. Several upgrades can be unlocked for them in game through collecting enough rewards, including increased magazine size, targeting range and damage.

Tomb Raider: UnderworldEdit

Dual pistols are the same as in Tomb Raider: Legend, Heckler & Koch USP Match pistols (appearing as RGB Mach 5) with silver slides and black frames, albeit with Desert Eagle styled safety and Beretta 92's ejection port.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of LightEdit

Dual Handguns stats-3

The Dual Pistols are the first weapons the player uses aside from the Spear and Remote Mine, and therefor are the first weapons that appear in the players inventory. They are the weakest of all the weapons found in Lara Croft and the Guardian Of Light, however, they also happen to be the only weapons in the players inventory (not including the Spear or Remote Mine) that don't drain from the Ammo pool. This makes them incredibly useful during times where you may unexpectedly run out of ammunition for your primary gun. It's a good idea to keep the dual pistols assigned to the D-pad, so that you always have them as backup.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Edit

To be added...

Survivor Timeline Edit

Roth's Pistols

Tomb Raider (2013)Edit

Lara again uses several pistols, although only one of these will be in her inventory at the time: the Semi-Automatic Pistol (Beretta 92SB chambered in 9mm, upgraded to an M93R when the "burst fire" mod is added); Tactical Pistol (Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced, chambered in .45 ACP) and Magnum Pistol (IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX, chambered in .50 AE). The tactical pistol Lara uses is one of a matching set that belonged to Conrad Roth, who dual wielded them. He passed the pistols onto Lara when he died. Lara uses both pistols to kill Mathias in the game's climax.

Upgrades Edit

Several upgrades and attachments, are available, they must be made use salvaged materials.

Upgrade Unlock Cost Effect
Burst Fire Mod Semi-Automatic Pistol 450 Allows for an alternate three round firing mode. Hold [Alternate Fire] to activate burst fire.
Extended Mag Semi-Automatic Pistol 200 Longer magazine holds 10 rounds.
Port Vented Slide Semi-Automatic Pistol 200 Recoil compensation improves accuracy for increased damage.
Muzzle Brake Semi-Automatic Pistol 250 Port Vented Slide required. Delivers round more accurately for increased damage.
Rapid Fire Mod Semi-Automatic Pistol 300 Hair trigger modifications increase rate of fire.
Magazine Well Tactical Pistol 325 Magazine is easier to insert for decreased reload time.
Ergonomic Grip Tactical Pistol 300 Rubberized grip modification reduces recoil.
Silencer Tactical Pistol 350 Shots are quieted at the cost of reduced damage. Press [Handgun] to cycle silenced shots.

Finding all the extra handgun parts will replace the Tactical Pistol with the Magnum Pistol.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Edit

Lara will have access to several pistols. She carries a gun that is the same model as Roth's old pistols, it sports a new muzzle brake, and several new and returning upgrades. She also acquires a revolver whilst in Siberia.

Handguns Edit

Revolver: An older pistol balanced for variety of situations.

Semi-Auto Pistol: Standard issue pistol focused on rapid firing speed.

Accipiter Nox: Matte black semi-automatic pistol. Obtainable with Siberian Ranger DLC.

Rattlesnake: X-Box limited edition gun, obtainable only Between 10-30 Nov 2015.

Alternate AmmoEdit

Hollow-point Rounds - Fragmenting pistol rounds that do increased damage. Crafting costs: 5 pistol rounds, and 3 magnesite ore.


Pistol Sight - Increases zoom factor. Reward from the "Dangerous Territory" mission.

Pistol Suppressor - Suppresses pistol fire noise for stealth. Must be bought from the vendor for 25 Byzantine Coins.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Unlock Cost Effect
Polished Barrel All pistols 6 (8) cloth
10 (12) salvage
A polished barrel decreases shot deviance, increasing damage.
Hollowed Hammer All pistols 10 (12) salvage
3 (3) technical parts
A lighter hammer allows for less jamming, resulting in a higher rate of fire.
Muzzle Brake All pistols 12 (14) salvage Redirects gases released when firing to counter recoil and unwanted rising of the barrel.
Polished Magazine All pistols with magazine 2 (3) cloth
11 (13) salvage
Reload speed is increased due to smooth loading from a polished magazine.
Large Magazine All pistols with magazines 10 (12) salvage
2 (2) technical parts
A larger magazine allows more shots fired before the need to reload.
Hair Trigger All pistols 5 (6) oil
10 (12) salvage
2 (2) technical parts
Crafting Tool required
Increased trigger sensitivity allows for increased rate of fire.
Padded Grip All pistols with a cylinder 6 (8) hide
8 (10) salvage
1 (1) exotic hide
Crafting Tool required
Improved grip allows for a more comfortable hold and better recoil compensation.
Extended Magazine All pistols with magazines 14 (16) salvage
2 (2) technical parts
Crafting Tool required; Large Magazine required
A larger magazine allows more shots to be fired before the need to reload.
Ergonomic Grip All semi-automatic pistols 8 (10) hide
2 (3) salvage
1 (1) exotic hide
Crafting Tool required
Improved grip allows for a more comfortable hold and better recoil compensation.
Rifled Barrel All pistols 3 (4) oil
15 (18) salvage
Enhancement Tool required; Polished Barrel required
Barrel rifling allows for a smoother, more precise shot, increasing damage.
Speed Loader All pistols with a cylinder 13 (15) salvage
2 (2) technical parts
Enhancement Tool required
The custom loader increases reload speed by allowing reloading of multiple bullets at once.
Improved Ejector All pistols with magazines 2 (3) oil
10 (12) salvage
7 (7) technical parts
Enhancement Tool required
The shell ejector is improved to decrease jamming and improve rate of fire.
Port Vented Slide All pistols with magazines 13 (15) salvage
2 (2) technical parts
Enhancement Tool required; Improved Ejector required
A vented Slide allows for better distribution of propellant gasses to counter recoil.
High Capacity Magazine All semi-automatic pistols 14 (16) salvage
4 (4) technical parts
Enhancement Tool required; Extended Magazine
A larger magazine allows more shots to be fired before the need to reload.
Chromoly Barrel All pistols with a cylinder 18 (22) salvage
1 (1) chromite ore
3 (3) technical parts
Refinement Tool required; Rifled Barrel required
A super smooth barrel means shots fire with no resistance for increased damage.
Counterweight All semi-automatic pistols 2 (3) oil
15 (17) salvage
3 (3) technical parts
Refinement Tool required; Muzzle Brake required
A barrel weight that helps offset the kick from firing for improved recoil stability.
  • (x) = Survivor Cost

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Trivia Edit

  • Being naturally ambidextrous is somewhat rare, with only one out of every one hundred people being naturally ambidextrous.
  • Despite not appearing in the final game. Promotional material for Angel of Darkness features Lara using them. She also carries two pistols no matter what.
  • When Roth has the Tactical Pistols, they have all upgrades (available to that pistol), but they are stripped away when Lara acquires them, until they are made by the player.
    • Adding the ergonomic grip to the Tactical Pistol will also add a "beaver tail" grip safety, which comes by default on the Semi Auto Pistol, despite that model of handgun not having one in reality)
    • Lara doesn't use Roth's pistols in Rise of the Tomb Raider, instead having a new pistol of the same model. However Roth's pistol's are featured in game in the Blood Ties DLC, where they are an obtainable relic.
  • The slide didn't lock back before Roth died, meaning that it is likely that the gun jammed, as opposed to running out of ammo, which would have resulted in the slide locking back.
  • Roth's pistols appear in the Blood Ties DLC as an artifact upon finishing it.
    • Interestingly, they are missing the muzzle brake.