Haunted by the Past is the third issue of the Season of the Witch arc of Dark Horses run of Tomb Raider comics. It is the third issue overall.

Plot Edit

Years prior, a drunk Roth is mouthing off in a pub. When the bartender refuses to serve him any more drinks, he gets angry and is knocked out accordingly by Reyes. When Roth wakes up, Reyes tells him that if he plans on suing her that she doesn't have money. Roth, however, laughs it off saying that he probably deserved it, and quickly offers her a job as chief of security.

Back in the present, Matsu demands that Lara hands over the stolen pieces from Yamatai. However, Lara (not knowing where the piece is) lies to try and appease Matsu. He doesn't believe her, and orders his men to kill everyone in the pub, starting with Alisha. Thankfully, a mysterious man draws a gun and kills one of Matsu's men. Lara uses the oppourtunity to smash a glass over Matsu's head. The man tells Lara to run and that he'll hold them off. Lara finds something familiar about him, but doesn't have time to dwell as she escapes with Reyes and her daughter.

Lara tries to call Sam and warn her to run, saying that someone may be after her, before fleeing once more with Reyes. Back in London, Sam comes home to find the flat ransacked, and is abducted by two Makara.

Reyes decides to split from Lara, saying that she is bad luck, taking her daughter and running the opposite way. Alisha berates her mother for being mean to Lara. Lara flees on her own, being ambushed by several of Matsu's men, though she is able to incapacitate them, one by "borrowing" a busking woman's guitar, she takes the unconscious goon's gun. For the second, she tries to threaten him with her gun, but he doesn't listen and instead taunts her about how they have captured Sam. Lara smashes his face into a window. The third catches her by surprise holding a gun to her back. She tells a passing group of Celtic F.C. fans that the man behind her is an Aberdeen supporter, Lara slips away while they advance upon him.

Finally, Lara is tripped by a man with a cane, causing her to drop her gun, and pins her by the throat. He reveals to Lara that their plan is to bring back the sun queen, and kill all human life. He demands the artifact, though Lara admits she doesn't know where it is, before he can kill her however, Reyes yells at him, before knocking him out.

Lara thanks Reyes for the help. She then tells her Sam has been taken and that she is being taken back to Yamatai.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This issue is referred to as "A Payment of Flesh" at the end of the previous issue.

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