Documents - Scroll 1

House of the Afflicted refer to special collectible Documents found in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

There are two total House of the Afflicted documents in the game.

Last PartingEdit

I have left my wife in the care of these physicians. The sickness became exactly what we feared, as her skin turned to scales and she lost all feeling in her extremities.

They say there is nothing that can be done for her, save for give her relief from the pain, and ease her passing, but she must be kept far from the city. Far from me. My wife will die, and I will never see her in this world again. I will hurry to the next to meet her.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

A husband is forced to leave his wife behind at a leper colony...


We are crippled by our isolation. We have with us the combined medical knowledge of the Empire, a millennia of learning that tells us how to treat every ailment. But here, on the edge of the world, the lack of one simple flower leaves us helpless.

I cannot do much for the afflicted. I know how, but I cannot, because we have hidden ourselves away. These people, and many more that follow, will die, needlessly, all to keep our secret hidden. I pray that the Prophet is right when he says that it will be worth it, in the end.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

A physician worries about the quality of care she can provide...