Hunted by Shadows is the fourth issue of the Season of the Witch arc in the first run of Dark Horse Comics. It is the fourth issue overall.

Plot Edit

Lara gets a call from Jonah, glad to hear that he is okay. She tells him that Sam has been taken. Jonah, against Lara and the nurses advice, checks himself out of hospital to help with her rescue. Lara arrives at Calahane's office to find it a crime scene, with Calahane dead and the pieces gone.

Sam wakes up bound to a chair, Matsu tells her thay they wish to see the world come to an end, Sam assumes that he is a member of the solarii. He tells her that they are not the Solarii, and merely serve them, and says that they are not don't wish to bring back the Himiko, but rather have a different Resurrection in mind, Sam mocks him stating that Lara will rescue her no matter what, and that unlike him, the Solarii were scary, until Lara killed them all.

Back in London, Lara still not believing she stole from Yamatai, looks in the one place she's sure she would have hid something, inside a box of Jaffa Cakes. Reyes initially states that she cannot return to Yamatai, though after some coaxing from her daughter, she agrees, she even charters the boat.

Lara packs for the trip. She is reunited with Jonah, who assures her that they will find Sam no matter what. Lara shows Reyes and Jonah some of the supplies she acquired for the journey, including life rafts, however she doesn't show them the contents of an attache case she's carrying. She goes to rest, before they arrive in Yamatai.

Lara has a dream of Sam telling her to forget about her, however when Lara refuses, Sam turns to Himiko, causing Lara to wake up. Smelling gasoline, Lara realises that the ship is on fire. Lara escapes, with her case, seeing men it wetsuits with spear guns, she manages to injure one by stabbing him in the side. Lara attempts to grab one of the life rafts when she overhears the men talk about blowng up the ship, she is knocked overboard when the ship explodes.

Lara wakes several hours later, alive and still with her equipment. Lara spots Yamatai, and makes a paddles towards the beach. Lara opens the case revealng it is full of weapons. She gears up and heads inland to find Sam.

Characters Edit

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