Igor Bowmane is a professor and curator who works at the Pushkin Library of Antiquities in Moscow.


The Nightmare StoneEdit

In the Amazon, Professor Igor Bowmane's friend, Illiat, has led an expedition to find a temple that has recently been discovered. A temple that is said to contain an artefact called the Nightmare Stone that is sealed within an obelisk. Professor Bowmane and Illiat decide to inform Lara Croft of this so the Professor then contacts her and she later meets with him at the Pushkin Library of Antiquities. He tells her the story behind the Nightmare Stone that it contains the spirit of an ancient evil king called Quaxet who ruled over the Inca, Aztec and Mayan peoples for over forty years. He then tells Lara that Illiat will meet her at the base site beside the temple. Lara then leaves to join Illiat in Peru.


Tomb RaiderEdit


  • Ah Lara, my old friend, so good to see you again. I'm glad you could make it.
  • The reason why I have called you here is regarding an ancient artefact. The artefact is described here in these manuscripts. Take a look.
  • Indeed, this crystal stone holds within it a most evil presence... a spirit if you will.
  • Over a thousand years ago, in Central America, reigned an evil king, Quaxet. He ruled over the Inca, Aztec and Mayan peoples for a time. Quaxet sacrificed thousands of his own people as offerings to an evil god who demanded blood to feed it's spirit. For over forty years his reign of terror continued until the high priest of each of the tribes joined together to defeat him. They killed Quaxet, and condemned his spirit to the crystal stone. The stone was sealed inside an obelisk. The obelisk was then buried within the walls of a vast temple.
  • It has just been discovered, deep in the rainforests of the Amazon. A friend of mine, Illiat, led an expeditition to find it. He will meet you at the base site beside the temple. Illiat was going to meet you at the airport but, because he fears that other interested parties will try to get in first he will meet you at the site instead. Be careful, Lara.