Igor Yarofev was an admiral in the Russian navy. He served in the Soviet Navy at a young age. When the Cold War was over he continued his navy service

Admiral Yarofev and the Russian navy were bribed by mafioso leader, Sergei Mikhailov, to make use of one of the navy's submarines. Before leaving in the submarine, Sergei became the commander of the Russian navy and overuled Yarofev. Inside the submarine, Sergei gave commands to Yarofev for submarines to search for a sunken Kriegsmarine U-boat on the ocean floor. Yarofev's men were not told exactly what they were looking for. When Sergei attempted to use the Spear of Destiny the submarine began to sink and Yarofev stayed on board to die with his vessel.


Tomb Raider ChroniclesEdit




Tomb Raider Chronicles Cutscene 7 - Eavesdropping01:13

Tomb Raider Chronicles Cutscene 7 - Eavesdropping

Tomb Raider Chronicles Cutscene 9 - Capture!01:17

Tomb Raider Chronicles Cutscene 9 - Capture!

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