Igor Yarofev was an admiral in the Russian navy. Serving for most of his life, the collapse of the Soviet Union led him to consider alternate solutions in keeping both himself and his crew in work. His grudging alliance with a Russian Mafiya crimelord, however, put him on a collision course with Lara Croft and his death.


Born in 1947, Igor Yarofev served in the Soviet Navy at a young age. When the Cold War was over he continued his navy service, but began to experience diminishing returns as the Soviet Union dissolved.

The Admiral was duly bribed by mafioso leader Sergei Mikhailov to make use of one of the navy's submarines to search for an object of interest. Before leaving in the submarine, Sergei forcibly overruled Yarofev, who made no secret of his disdain for the crimelord. As the submarine descended into the depths, Sergei gave commands to Yarofev for his crew to search for a sunken Kriegsmarine U-boat on the ocean floor. Yarofev's men were not told exactly what they were looking for, to Yarofev's disgust.

Lara Croft, who had infiltrated the vessel and been captured by Yarofev, managed to escape her cell and acquire the treasure - the fabled Spear of Destiny. She was apprehended by Sergei, who confiscated the prize; however, its power proved too much for him. Killing the mafioso in a blast of energy, it also damaged the submarine around them. Yarofev, elsewhere at the time, was injured in the incident.

Croft was able to locate the Admiral outside the bridge, where he gave her information on how to equip the last escape pod and extricate herself. Before she left, however, Yarofev pleaded with her to tell his story, and how the Russian Navy was implacable in the face of annihilation, to others. As Croft departed, Yarofev was confronted by the Spear's power, which destroyed the submarine.

Personality and traitsEdit

Igor Yarofev was a proud Russian and military man, who took his duty with absolute honour, and extended such benevolence to his men. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Yarofev loathed having to work with "filth" such as Sergei Mikhailov, and took every opportunity to insult him, though he complied with orders when they were given. He was also against needless bloodshed, and refused to kill Lara Croft when he discovered her hiding on his vessel. After Sergei's greed led to the destruction of the submarine, Yarofev decided to die with dignity and let Croft escape, knowing that she would inform others of his noble actions.


Tomb Raider ChroniclesEdit




Tomb Raider Chronicles Cutscene 7 - Eavesdropping01:13

Tomb Raider Chronicles Cutscene 7 - Eavesdropping

Tomb Raider Chronicles Cutscene 9 - Capture!01:17

Tomb Raider Chronicles Cutscene 9 - Capture!

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