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India is one of the many locations visited in the Tomb Raider series. In this location, Lara goes there to find an artifact called the Infada Stone, but several dangers are encountered on her journey.


At the start of the game, Lara travels to India to locate the Infada Stone. After unlocking an ancient gate, Lara reaches a seemingly abandoned campsite, where she finds a radio emitting a Scottish accented voice calling for a man named Tony. Tony himself appears moments later, having been driven insane by Jungle Fever. Though the man mostly rambles, Lara manages to get some information out of him: his two other colleagues, Randy and Rory, had decided to camp inside the temple where the stone is presumably located, and haven't been heard from since. Tony eventually leaves the camp, and Lara heads into the temple.

Inside the temple, Lara discovers that the Infada Stone is gone. She also finds the bodies of Randy and Rory, gruesomely murdered and floating in mid air. Upon exiting the temple, she spots Tony travelling via raft down the river Ganges, the artifact embedded in his chest. Guessing that the madman had killed his colleagues, Lara attempts to shoot at him, only for Tony to summon the powers of the stone and send the temple pillars crashing down on her. Lara narrowly avoids being crushed and takes off in pursuit on a quad bike. She eventually reaches him deep in the Caves of Kaliya, defeats him, and claims the stone.

When Lara returns to the river, she encounters a river boat on which Dr Willard is riding. Having been coming to confront Tony himself, Willard is impressed by how well Lara handled him, and explained the Infada Stone's true origins. Intrigued by the revelation that the stone is in fact made of meteorite rock, Lara accepts Willard's offer to find three similar artifacts scattered around the world.

Tomb Raider 3 music - India05:50

Tomb Raider 3 music - India

India Theme

Levels in Tomb Raider IIIEdit

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