Joachim Karel is a corporate legal mastermind based in Paris. He oversees The Cabal's investments and recruitment while protecting their interests worldwide.

Joachim Karel is recognizable by a glyph in the palm of his hand, which is what Lara Croft saw on a killer of Werner Von Croy. He has an ability to shape-shift, since he is a member of Nephilim race.

Powers and Skills Edit

  • Superhuman Condition: Due to his Nephilim heritage, he has superhuman levels of physical and mental capabilities.
  • Immortality: He has survived until the 21st Century.
  • Energy Blasts: He can fire green energy blasts.
  • Levitation: He can fly.
  • Shape-Shifting: He can shape-shift to take the human form or another form.
  • Manipulation: Despite Pieter Van Eckhardt believing that Karel was working for him, when it turns out, Karel was manipulating the Alchemist in order to resurrect his species.

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