Jonathan Reiss is the primary antagonist appearing in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life and is portrayed by Ciaran Hinds.

He is the owner of one of the top selling bio-mechanical weapon industries in the world named after him and stationed in Hong Kong and Shanghai, China.

He is ruthless, tyrannical leader with a low tolerance of betrayal and interruption in his never ending quest for power which ultimately gets in the way of Lara Croft.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of LifeEdit

Jonathan Reiss the owner of Reiss Technologies which is stationed in Shanghai and Hong Kong respectively was the former winner of the 1995 noble prize for his impressive discoveries and technological creations benefiting from finds. He since 1995 fell in with a great deal of money and crime world dealing gaining control of the Chinese Triad Gang The Chen Lo.

He seized control of most country bureaucrats and developed an insatiable appetite for power. He since 1997 becoming one of the main owners of the world's most dangerous Bio-Mechanical Weapons has been on the MI6's most wanted list. As of 2003 he learned of the confirmation of the mythological artefact Pandora's Box and began a ruthless crusade to obtain the artefact.

He learned of a map known as Mati which would point the way, positioned in an underwater temple known as the Luna Temple positioned in Greece which he dispatched three of general leaders of the Chen Lo to retrieve. They did so successfully but met minor trouble with archaeologist and the Countess Of Abbington, Lara Croft, who then began a crusade herself to retrieve the Box before him.

Jonathan Reiss

Reiss confronting Lara Croft at his headquarters

Lara succeeded along with prison breakout companion Terry Sheridan in retrieving the Eye but Lara ended up in the captive of Reiss who forced her to accompany him to Africa to the Cradle Of Life. Once inside many of Reiss' Chen Lo military mercenaries were killed by mysterious beasts known as the Shadow Creatures which were released from the box at the time it was first opened by Pandora.

Reiss made it to the very heart of the cradle after Lara positioned the Eye where it needed to be and the two duelled it out over the pool of burning liquid for which the box was placed upon.

Reiss met his demise when Sheridan showed up and assisted Lara in causing Reiss to topple of a ledge into the acid pool which slowly melted away all his skin and organs, he still attempted to open the box even though he was melting but he ultimately failed.