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Journal of Lord Croft refer to special collectible Documents found in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

There are six total Journal of Lord Croft Documents in the game, acquired by visiting Camps.

The ReasonEdit

I received word today that university funding would be cut, again. It's becoming increasingly difficult to continue.

I face constant ridicule from people I once considered colleagues and friends. They have no idea.

There is a truth behind all myth. The stories of all cultures speak a universal language and they point to a startling possibility: the world is not what we think. Our lives are not what we think.

If I continue, I face isolation. I will become a pariah.

But... I will continue. For Amelia. It was her death that set me on this path. And for her, I cannot waver. i wish every night that she was still here. That I'd had the tools to help her.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

My father's journals... he mentions my mother. He rarely talked about her. but it seems he did all this for her...


Lara has accused me of paranoia, again. Perhaps she's right. But I've been approached by people asking to see my research. People offering no credentials.

I'm sure someone is watching me. Strangers outside the manor house. Odd phone calls at odd hours. And then, last night, the house alarm was tripped. Someone had tried to break in.

I believe they represent an organization called Trinity. There are oblique references to them in much of my work. What they're after, I do not know. but I've begun taking steps to ensure my work remains secure.

One day, I hope Lara will understand why I did all this.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Dad... I'm so sorry I didn't believe you. I wish there was someway to tell you what I've discovered.


Received an invite today to speak at a conference on folklore and anthropology. Of course, I've only been invited as a figure of fun. They only want to ridicule me and my ideas.

But the point of this work is not to keep it in shadows. The point is to expose it. To help bring the truth to the world.

Amelia believed that it was noble to face adversity head on. That strength was born from inside oneself. she was right. she was always right...

For better or worse, I will accept the invitation.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

I remember this. Dad was buzzing with anticipation about this conference, even though he knew he'd be mocked.

A MeetingEdit

The conference was, of course, a disaster. I might as well have been booed from the podium. And yet... I am in the best mood I've been in years. I met someone there. An admirer. She approached me after the slaughter. I nearly flinched, expecting her to continue the beating.

But instead she simply asked to hear more about my work. And when I started to talk, her questions were not loaded with cynicism.

Instead they were intelligent. Almost innocent in their inquisitiveness. We spoke for hours.

She says her name is Ana. I've invited her to dine with me when we're all back in London.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Ana made him happy again. She believed in his work. If only she knew I was out here in the middle of nowhere, chasing the same thing.


Having Ana in my life put new wind in my sails. She's helped me focus my work - helped organize my research. She's even offered to become my editor.

I never though I'd find such an eager collaborator.

Her presence in the manor has revitalized everything. The rooms have life again. I feel I have life again.

But I am worried what Lara will think. Her emotions are more guarded than mine. I worry she thinks I am trying to replace her mother.

But I'm not. I'm simply trying to find what happiness I can in this life. Lara will just have to understand that.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Those were hard times for Dad, but Ana brought so much happiness into his life. i couldn't resent her for that...


New developments. I found an old manuscript, buried and forgotten under a heap of pseudo-scientific texts.

As I began translating it I realized what I had: a record of the Deathless Prophet. I am still working on the translation but already it has provided details of his life I'd never read before. There may just be enough here to find the location of his tomb.

This manuscript could be it: the singular piece of research that will bring all of my work on the Immortal Soul together.

Revelations are coming quickly. there is much work to be done.

Tonight, over dinner, I'm going to celebrate with Ana.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Dad was so close to finding the prophet's tomb... but something drove him to give it all up.