Kennard Montez is a mysterious man connected to Trinity and Vatican. The search of Kennard, led Lara Croft to Yucatan Peninsula.[1]

The Ten Thousand ImmortalsEdit

Kennard Montez is a post-graduate American student, who is researching Colchis. Kennard and Lara Croft met at the lecture of Professor Cahalane. Kennard and Lara spend more time together to find out more about Colchis and the fleece myth. Kennard then refers Lara to a man in Paris who may be able to help uncover the secrets of the Fleece.[2]

During the Battle of Oxford, he corners Lara in a tower. He tries to convince Lara to join Trinity. Lara refuses so he shoots her and takes the statue made from the gold of the Aegis. Lara was saved by the healing properties of the aegis.


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