Kent was a colleague of Lara who was killed on a trip to Pariso in Peru.

Kent was one of several students in a group lead by Jason. The other members of the group were Sarah, Oscar, Lara Croft, Amanda Evert, Anaya Imanu, Eva and an unidentified male. Unfortunately, the expedition into the tomb of the last Queen of Tiwanaku woke an entity placed there to protect the tomb. It killed Eva in a tunnel which caused a collapse, then pursued and killed Sarah as she tried to hide from it. At this time, Kent and Oscar were in another room. Kent was separated from Oscar when a gate closed between them and watched in horror as the entity killed his friend and left in search of the others. Lara then arrived and entered through a hole in the ceiling above Kent. Kent then heard Amanda yelling and ran in the direction it came from. Unfortunately, he was spotted by the entity, grabbed and devoured before he could escape.

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