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For Lara's mother in the other continuities, see Lady Croft disambiguation page.

Lady Croft was the wife of Henshingly Croft and mother of Lara. She was an artist[1] and a socialite, who enjoyed organizing charity events.[2] She was prone to miscarriages,[1] but eventually had a daughter, who, as a child, often went off on her own for adventures, leading Lady Croft to have to call friends attempting to locate her.[2]

Lord and Lady Croft agreed with Lara's suggestion that she should embark on Werner Von Croy's expedition,[3] with Lady Croft secretly being glad that Lara was somebody else's problem and she could return to organizing charity events without distraction.[2] When Lara became an adventurer, the Crofts were less than convinced about her chosen lifestyle and disowned her after she refused to marry the Earl of Farringdon.[4][2][1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Lady Croft was named Andrea Croft in the original comic book series, and Amelia in the reboots.


Notes and referencesEdit

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