The Land-Rover 88 is a vehicle used by Professor Werner Von Croy's desert warriors and workforce in Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation and Tomb Raider: Chronicles.


Tomb Raider: The Last RevelationEdit

The Land-Rover 88 is used by Von Croy's hired desert warriors for transport across Egypt. After Lara Croft has recovered the Amulet of Horus from Set's tomb, her former guide, Ahmed Ben Trayal, makes his escape in the land-rover with one of the warriors at the helm. Lara gives chase in another jeep and later finds it parked at the banks of the Nile with a truck.

While Lara is within the Great Hypostyle Hall at Karnak, Von Croy arrives in his car accompanied by two land-rovers full of desert warriors. The warriors disembark and set off to pursue Lara.

Hitching a ride on the train of Von Croy's workforce, Lara attempts to delay the train by disconnecting the cars but she first has to battle her way through more desert warriors who are hiding in the cars. The warriors also perch themselves on the top of the land-rovers that drive past, ready to jump onto a car and attack Lara.

Tomb Raider: The Times Exclusive LevelEdit

Although the actual land-rover itself does not appear, a small plastic model of one can be seen on editor of the Times, Peter Stothard's desk.

Tomb Raider: ChroniclesEdit

In an attempt to discover Lara's fate beneath the Great Pyramid, Von Croy puts his workforce to work at the pyramid where they once again utilise the land-rovers as transport.

Tomb Raider: Level EditorEdit

In this non-canonical appearance, a land-rover can be seen outside after Lara exits an Egyptian tomb.

In-Game AppearancesEdit

Tomb Raider: The Last RevelationEdit

Tomb Raider: The Times Exclusive LevelEdit

  • Cutscene

Tomb Raider: ChroniclesEdit

  • Title Screen

Tomb Raider: Level EditorEdit


Official FMV ScreenshotsEdit

In-Game ScreenshotsEdit



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