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Many Faces of Lara

Lara as she appears in all games.

Lara Croft is the titular character of the Tomb Raider Franchise. Lara has existed in multiple universes and continuities, each with differences to the others, some that are subtle and others are more obvious.

Lara Croft may refer to:

Continuity Similarities

Though all the continuities are different, there are several recurring features and themes.

  • Lara survived a plane crash. All timelines except Rise.
  • Lara is stranded and must survive in the wilderness. All Timelines.
  • Lara's Parents are deceased. All timelines, except original.
  • Lara works to support her expeditions. Original timeline and Rise Timeline (Temporary)
  • Lara is betrayed by a friend. All timelines except Journeys and Rise.
  • Lara becomes an archaeologist because of her father. Legend, Rise and Movie Timelines.
  • Lara's Mentor dies. All timelines.
  • Lara believes someone close to her dies, but they actually survive. All timelines except movie and Animated.


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