Lara Croft: The Art of Virtual Seduction is an extended look into the Lara Croft and what makes her the worldwide phenomenon, written by Mark Cohen.


  • pg4 - Highscore - Who is behind Lara Croft?
  • pg24 - Lara Photo Shoot: Fashion - Notable designers attire Lara Croft.
  • pg32 - Tracking the Myth - What is Cult?
  • pg36 - With a Paintbrush and Pistol - The Cologne Studio OXMOX.
  • pg41 - Goodies - Check out official merchandise from the Eidos store.
  • pg42 - Body Double - The Official Lara Croft models.
  • pg58 - Lara's Home in Cyberspace - Surfing the web with Ms. Croft.
  • pg64 - Artificial Intelligence - When computer thinks...
  • pg70 - Lara Photo Shoot: At Work - Moments in the life of the Tomb Raider star.
  • pg78 - Smooth Moves - Special effects made in Germany.
  • pg82 - Lara Photo Shoot: At Play - The sensual side of a powerful woman.
  • pg90 - Lara on Stage - On tour with pop stars.
  • pg94 - The Spirits That Called Her - Eidos: Business as unusual.
  • pg102 - Eidos: the Multimedia Giant - The rise of the Eidos empire.
  • pg106 - The Desire of the Toy - Why are we so fascinated with the virtual erotic.
  • pg110 - Shortcuts - Lara, the media queen.
  • pg112 - Lara Photo Shoot: of Belles Lettres - What poets think of the beautiful adventuress.
  • pg119 - Lara's Ancestors - The cinematic roots of the adventuress.
  • pg120 - Tomb Raider - Do you play with her or she with you?
  • pg124 - Lara Goes Art - Inside the hamburg, Germany exhibition.
  • pg129 - Comic: by Robert Labs - Lara portrayed in Japanese comic book style.
  • pg132 - Tomb Raider for Game Boy Color - Wait until you see what she can do in your pocket.
  • pg134 - Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation - A brief walkthrough of Lara's adventure.

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