Trophies & Achievements





Trophies and Achievements from Lara Croft GO.

Google Play AchievementsEdit

Image Name Requirement Google-Play Points
LCGO Ach Key of Snakes Key of Snakes Find the Key of Snakes. 2500 XP
LCGO Ach Key of Stones Key of Stones Find the Key of Stones. 2500 XP
LCGO Ach Key of Spirits Key of Spirits Find the Key of Spirits. 2500 XP
LCGO Ach Atlas of Beyond Atlas of Beyond Discover the Atlas of Beyond. 2500 XP
LCGO Ach Archaeologist Archaeologist Find a Relic Fragment. 2500 XP
LCGO Ach Historian Historian Complete a Relic. 5000 XP
LCGO Ach Curator Curator Complete all Relics. 7500 XP
LCGO Ach Preservation Society Preservation Society Break all Vases. 10000 XP
LCGO Ach Gathering moss Gathering Moss Get crushed by a Boulder. 2500 XP
LCGO Ach Getting crafty Getting Crafty Stack two Pillars. 2500 XP
LCGO Ach Master builder Master Builder Stack three Pillars. 5000 XP
LCGO Ach Into the abyss Into The Abyss Kill a creature by making it fall to its death. 2500 XP
LCGO Ach Put this apple on your head Put This Apple on Your Head Throw a spear six nodes or farther. 5000 XP
LCGO Ach Immortal no more Immortal No More Unearth the Shard of Life. 2500 XP
LCGO Ach Deja-vu Déjà-vu Slay the same creature four times in a row. 2500 XP
LCGO Ach Ophidiophobia Ophidiophobia Slay the Queen of Venom. 2500 XP
LCGO Ach Back to Reality Back to Reality Returned from the Mirror of Spirits.  ? XP

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