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Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Original Soundtrack from SoundCloud

Lead Composer, Music Supervisor - Wilbert Roget, II
Additional Music (tracks 10, 19, 20) - Paul Houseman

Mijwiz, Sipsi, Duduk, Oboe, English Horn - Kristin Naigus
Flute - Wilbert Roget, II
French Horn - James Naigus
Trumpet - Laura Saylor
Percussion - Doug Perry, Aaron Craft, Daniel Swearengin
Oud, Kemenche - Stelios Varveris
Violin, Viola - Matheus Souza
Cello, Electric Cello - Sebastian Freij
Doublebass - Samuel Suggs
Additional Choir Sequencing - Pontus Rufelt


01) Lara Croft Overture
02) Introduction - The Curse
03) Army Of The Dead
04) Ammit, Devourer Of Souls
05) Overworld I - Beneath The Desert Stars
06) Overworld I - Knives In The Dark
07) Tomb Of The Timekeeper
08) Ambushed!
09) Tomb Of The Silversmith
10) Apep, The Serpent
11) Fragments Of Osiris
12) Isis' Lament
13) Overworld II - Under The Desert Sun
14) Overworld II - Blood On The Sand
15) The Hidden Tomb
16) Khepri, The Sun Beetle
17) The Shrine Of Osiris
18) Riddles Of The Ancient
19) Overworld III - Desert Rains
20) Overworld III - The Floodwaters Rise
21) Tomb Of The Ferryman
22) Dark Waters
23) The Putrid Depths
24) Sobek, He Who Eats...
25) Overworld IV - Snowfall
26) Overworld IV - Iron And Ice
27) Tomb Of The Architect
28) The Grinding Gears
29) Tomb Of The Torturer
30) Throne Of The Mad God
31) A Clash Of Gods
32) One Last Chance
33) The Fall Of Set
34) Finale
35) (BONUS TRACK) Isis' Lament (Sebastian Freij Remix)
36) (BONUS TRACK) Army Of The Dead (SuperSquare Remix)
37) (BONUS TRACK) Lara Croft Overture (zircon Remix)

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