Lift is the fifth scene and fourth FMV of Tomb Raider: Featuring Lara Croft.


Having recently learnt that what she had collected from Qualopec's tomb in Peru is only merely a piece of the artefact Jacqueline Natla had hired her to find, Lara Croft decides to go to Natla Technologies in Seattle, realizing that her employer had double-crossed her by sending Larson after her.

Lara is perched on the top of a lift with a blowtorch in one hand and begins to cut through the cable that holds the lift. When the cable is broken, the lift suddenly descends and Lara, holding the other end of the cable, is sent flying up the many floors of the building. Nearing the top, Lara releases her grip on the cable and lets her momentum carry her up to the roof.

Natla is not present, so Lara ransacks her office to find an old prayer book from 1573 by a monk called Brother Herbert. Lara learns that the piece she is holding is a part of a relic called the Atlantean Scion which once belonged to the three rulers of Atlantis, Qualopec and another called Tihocan amongst them. Tihocan's tomb and his piece of the Scion was rumored to have been buried beneath the monks' monastery, St. Francis' Folly, in Greece.

Lara sets off for Greece at once and discovers St. Francis' Folly at the top of a mountainside. At the top, she finds evidence of a small campsite. Confirming the truth in Larson's words back in Peru, Lara finds that Pierre DuPont is indeed seeking Tihocan's piece of the Scion. Lara then reaches out to open the old doors.

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  • The FMV is named "Lift" within the disc of the game on the PC and PlayStation.


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