Lizard creatures are enemies that appear in Tomb Raider III. Their origins are unclear but they may have been created by Puna, who uses the Ora Dagger meteorite artefact to summon them to his aid. The Ora Dagger is also fashioned in the shape of a lizard.


The lizard creatures can breathe poisonous fumes that gradually drains the life out of a human before they die. Additionally, they possess the usual attacks associated with animal enemies such as the swiping claws. They are also able to climb up and down cliffs.

In-Game AppearancesEdit

Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara CroftEdit


During the development of the Coastal Village level, a screenshot shows Lara in her classic outfit battling a lizard creature in a cave.


  • According to Richard Morton, designer of the South Pacific Islands levels, the name 'Puna' was taken from a god who commanded an army of lizard men.
  • The lizard creature may have been inspired by the Hunter from the Resident Evil franchise. Both are agile, green humanoid creature that use their claws to kill their enemies.
    • The poisonous ability is also shared with another creature from the Resident evil franchise, the Sweeper, which is actually an offshoot of the Hunter. The only differences are that the Sweeper is not green and that it uses his claws in order to poison its prey.





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