Documents - Mongol 2

Lone Survivor refer to special collectible Documents found in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

There are six total Lone Survivor documents in the game.

The Last ManEdit

I have failed. There will be no pardon for my sins. I have drenched my hands in blood in pursuit of the Prophet, and now there is nothing left.

As the attack became a siege, the Prophet's people did the unthinkable. They turned their weapons against the glaciers and buried their own city. Mongol and the Prophet's people alike were crushed in the ice. The Khan and his warrior horde are dead. The people of Kitezh are broken and scattered. I alone survive in the frozen heart of the city, and my only companions are the Deathless Army of the Prophet, their eyes aflame with unholy light. Even now, they hunt the ruins for survivors.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Trinity's envoy among the Mongols survived the battle... it appears they underestimated the defenders of this place.


God is testing me. I've scavenged weapons and tools, enough to survive. The Khan once demanded that I learn to draw a bow and fight like one of his soldiers, and I am grateful for that. He gave me his own arrows, made for punching holes in armor. The ice around me provides all I need to drink, but it runs red with blood.

The Prophet's army now patrols a dead city. These are not the soldiers who first met us at the city gates. They have been changed, somehow. Among them, I can see a man that I myself killed in the battle...

The old legends say that those who looked upon the Divine Source relinquished their very souls to it, attaining immortality. If this is true, I will surely perish here, buried with the secret I was sent to find.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Trinity's envoy among the Mongols was forced into hiding by the Deathless army of Kitezh...

Stalking The Deathless OnesEdit

I have made myself a refuge in this frozen hell, in the base of a crumbling tower. I have laid away food and weapons enough to defend myself. But I am the last survivor.

By day, I watch the Deathless army, learn the paths they take. They follow the same patterns, day in and day out, like men trapped in a dream. They are fierce, but they are hollow. Whatever made them men is long gone, replaced instead by a soul of cold iron.

I must be careful, but I must know more about them.

If this is what the Source can do in the hands of a heretic, think of what it could do in the hands of the righteous.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

He tracked them from afar, observing them so he could learn if they had any weakness.

Desperate StruggleEdit

At last, I killed one of the Deathless Soldiers. I tracked him through the day, until he was alone. He seemed to sense me before I struck. As if he knew the sound of my bowstring.

He was strong, but I am clever, and I have faith. My arrows pierced his flesh, but he fought on until I placed a shot between his eyes. Even then he managed to wound me before I caved in his skull.

His body caught fire, and fell into ash before my eyes.

It has been hours since he died, but his ashes still smolder, hissing and popping in the darkness. I do not believe this is his end. The source has a great and terrible sway over those it touches. I must know what happens next.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

He managed to take one of the Deathless Ones, but it nearly killed him.


I must have fallen asleep. It is hard to tell time beneath the ice. The Deathless Ones had been busy. Where a pile of ashes smoldered the night before, a corpse now lay, skin as milky white as a dead fish. As I watched, the dead man breathed. A clicking death rattle in reverse as he sucked in air for the first time in a day.

Then he looked at me, and I recognized him at last. I killed this man once before, during the battle. And he has not forgotten.

So I killed him again, crushed his new skull before he could stand, but his ashes smolder anew. I will not be here when he wakes. The cold look in his dead eyes was like a promise.

Like the Phoenix, he will rise again and again, each time more determined to end my life. If I stay, sooner or later, he will succeed.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

He knew he might never escape... so he devoted himself to learning about his enemy...


I leave these notes for whoever should follow in my footsteps. My wounds are worse than I believed. They will not heal. Tonight, I will make one last attempt to escape this frozen tomb, but I doubt I have the strength. The Divine Source is here, at the peak of the tallest tower. But it is beyond my reach.

With the Source at his disposal, the Prophet's Deathless Ones are unstoppable, an army of wraiths and devils that can never die. A mockery of all God's creation. They are no longer human, and they will break any army that stands in their way. With every death and rebirth, they learn. They adapt.

Should Trinity, someday, find a way to seize it for ourselves... I fear that we will do no better.

Perhaps it would be best if it were to remain lost forever.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

I don't think he ever made it out of here...