Louis Bouchard is a secondary antagonist in the game Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. He is also a Gang Leader of The Paris Mafia; he operates around The Parisian Ghetto . He has a fearsome reputation among his men and other Gangs around Paris for being a man who was ruthless and arrogant. He was also convincing people into things as he convinced Lara that he was an ally. He was a member of The Cabal but seemed more immersed with the operation with his Gang then with the The Cabal. It seems his role within The Cabal is too overlook operations in Paris and then his new objective is to murder Lara Croft.

Events in Tomb Raider: The Angel of DarknessEdit

Louis Bouchard is first encountered when Lara Croft sees Bouchard fighting a losing battle against The Monstrum, he then retreats after his gang suffer heavy casualties after this encounter he and what remains of his Gang create a Hideout in the cellars of St Aicard's Church. Later when Lara manages to infiltrate his Hideout and interrogate him for Weapons and Arms, he presents her with a business opportunity, that Lara should go to Daniel Rennes to buy them off him.

Later on Lara encounters him again at the end of The Parisian Levels, he offers to take Lara to Von Croy's Apartment, Lara thanks him and Lara genuinely believed he was an ally. However once she investigates Von Croy's Apartment, his hired assassin The Cleaner attempts to murder her, this proves unsuccessful after a long battle. Bouchard tries to contact The Cleaner to see if he has killed Lara, but she hears him over The Cleaner's Walkie Talkie and she threatens him, after this he immediately drives away from outside the building.

Later she encountered him for a final time at The Monstrum Crime Scene, where she finally figures out that he is a member of The Cabal. She ties him up with handcuffs on a radiator in Mathias Vasiley's Apartment after Lara questions him. Later when she returns she doesn't find him tied up, but when she opens a closet nearby, his corpse falls out. It is unknown who killed him or how he died.

Death TheoriesEdit

  • It is possible that he escaped and someone killed him before he could leave or maybe he couldn't live with the fear and killed himself.
  • It is possible that Pieter Van Eckhardt killed him for his incompetence and that he did not kill Lara Croft or that he was just a loose end such as Dr. Grant Muller and Kristina Boaz.
  • He could have also been killed by Joachim Karel, as Karel was trying to kill members of The Cabal, so he could take over.
  • It is possible that Bouchard was killed before Lara entered Mathias Vasiley's premises, and that Karel had killed him. A deleted dialogue with Luddick says that he saw Bouchard exiting the crime scene, which could be Karel in disguise as Bouchard. Lara later says that she found him dead inside. It is unsure whether the dialogue is canon in the Angel of Darkness timeline.


  • He is the only villain in The Tomb Raider series who's cause of death was unknown.
  • He doesn't seem to be in contact with other members of The Cabal such as Dr. Grant Muller or Kristina Boaz .