Magic Stones are three stones imbued with magic powers. The stones are keys to the Great Grey One's awakening. The history of the Magic Stones is written in the Tome of Ezekiel.

King Heort must have used the power of the Black Stone, magic that can raise the dead. This would explain why he is remembered only in grim legends and in the Tome of Ezekiel. The Viking king had secretly used the stone to rule his kingdom. The Black Stone were believed to be buried with King Heort in his coffin. But there were only symbols there, the symbols helped decipher a part of the Tome of Ezekiel.

One of the stones is hidden in the temples region of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The book described a flaming rock at the top of a temple in area of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The legendary Surya Varman II is supposed to rest there. King Surya Varman II must have used the red stone to gain tremendous advantages in wars during his reign, and probably the same stone is buried with him along with his treasure.

Marcus Aurelios, Emperor of Rome, was the third and last owner of a Magical Stone. The Last stone should be on the Laconia Island in southern Italy. The last stone is hidden somewhere in this huge Villa. The Tome says that Emperor Marcus Aurelios real body was buried here, and not in Rome.

For centuries the magic Stones have been protected by the ancient Secret Society of the Teg-Du-Bhorez. According to the Prophecy of the Tome of Ezekiel the Teg-Du-Bhorez would reawaken their master, the Great Grey One and the Apocalypse would begin.

Lara Croft tracked down the stones and used them to awaken the Great Grey One, and destroyed it, so the prophecy of an apocalypse can never be fulfilled.


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