Magnums (TR1)

Magnums are high caliber pistols, that appear in the Tomb Raider Series. They are a staple of Lara croft's arsenal.

Tomb Raider 1996 Edit

Margnums are like the standard pistols, but better. Much better. You can notice the power just hearing the sound it makes when shooting. They are a great pair of guns that loses only in firepower to the shotgun, but it is faster and you don't have to worry about ammo because it is abundant and you should have a lot of it by the time you reach the Lost Island levels.

Each pistol does 2 damage, double the regular pistols 1 damage. Combined they do 4 damage per shot at the same firing speed as the pistols.

Tomb Raider III Edit

Desert eagle

A single Desert Eagle is available in Tomb Raider III. It is capable of killing, a human enemy in two shots, and armored enemies in three. It has a very slow rate of fire and high recoil.

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation Edit


The Revolver is a very effective weapon, first available in Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation, making its return in Tomb Raider Chronicles. It is one of the few weapons that can be combined with the Lasersight for manual aiming. The revolver in the games is a generic big-bore revolver with nearly as much firepower and accuracy as the Desert Eagle. Since Lara does not reload in real time, the 6-shot limit is not a problem. Does 21 damage per shot, takes just under twice as long to fire as the Pistols, or half the time it takes to fire the shotgun.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edit

Dual 50 Cals

The Magnums return as "Dual 50. Cal Pistols". They function the same as the Magnums from the original game. They are taken taken from Pierre DuPont, before he is killed by the Centaurs, tough they can be acquired in a small cove in Coliseum. After reaching Natla's Mines they can be required in the lava room after using the drill to break through the barricade.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Edit

Two different models of Magnums, appear

Hand Cannons

Magnums Edit

Deal double Damage of the standard pistols and have a better rate of fire. They are based on Smith and Wesson Model 629.

Hand Cannons Edit

Offer more damage than the Magnums, but have a lower rate of fire and higher ammo consumption.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Edit

To Be added...

Tomb Raider (2013) Edit

Magnum TR2013

Collecting all pistol parts in Tomb Raider will upgrade the tactical pistol to the Magnum Pistol.

It offers more damage and several additional upgrades.

Upgrade Unlock Cost Effect
Burst Fire Mod Semi-Automatic Pistol 450 Allows for an alternate three round firing mode. Hold [Alternate Fire] to activate burst fire.
Extended Mag Semi-Automatic Pistol 200 Longer magazine holds 10 rounds.
Port Vented Slide Semi-Automatic Pistol 200 Recoil compensation improves accuracy for increased damage.
Muzzle Brake Semi-Automatic Pistol 250 Port Vented Slide required. Delivers round [sic] more accurately for increased damage.
Rapid Fire Mod Semi-Automatic Pistol 300 Hair trigger modifications increase rate of fire.
Magazine Well Tactical Pistol 325 Magazine is easier to insert for decreased reload time.
Ergonomic Grip Tactical Pistol 300 Rubberized grip modification reduces recoil.
Silencer Tactical Pistol 350 Shots are quieted at the cost of reduced damage. Press [Handgun] to cycle silenced shots.
High Capacity Mag Magnum Pistol 250 Extended Mag required. Extra long magazine holds 12 rounds.
Polished Barrel Magnum Pistol 400 Muzzle Brake required. Improved mechanical performance for increased damage.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Edit

The Magnum Pistol appears again as the "Heavy Pistol" The parts must be collected to build it. It features new upgrades.

Heavy Pistols Edit

Heavy Pistol: A refined pistol that fires smooth and steady.

Moon Shadow: Matte black semi-automatic heavy pistol with an ivory grip inlay. (Remnant Resistance DLC)

Venom Hand Cannon: Limited ammo capacity doesn't stop this pistol from dealing heavy damage. (Apex Predator DLC)


Hollow-point Rounds - Fragmenting pistol rounds that do increased damage. Crafting costs: 5 pistol rounds, and 3 magnesite ore.


Pistol Sight - Increases zoom factor. Reward from the "Dangerous Territory" mission.

Pistol Suppressor - Suppresses pistol fire noise for stealth. Must be bought from the vendor for 25 Byzantine Coins.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Unlock Cost Effect
Polished Barrel All pistols 6 (8) cloth
10 (12) salvage
A polished barrel decreases shot deviance, increasing damage.
Hollowed Hammer All pistols 10 (12) salvage
3 (3) technical parts
A lighter hammer allows for less jamming, resulting in a higher rate of fire.
Muzzle Brake All pistols 12 (14) salvage Redirects gases released when firing to counter recoil and unwanted rising of the barrel.
Polished Magazine All pistols with magazine 2 (3) cloth
11 (13) salvage
Reload speed is increased due to smooth loading from a polished magazine.
Large Magazine All pistols with magazines 10 (12) salvage
2 (2) technical parts
A larger magazine allows more shots fired before the need to reload.
Hair Trigger All pistols 5 (6) oil
10 (12) salvage
2 (2) technical parts
Crafting Tool required
Increased trigger sensitivity allows for increased rate of fire.
Padded Grip All pistols with a cylinder 6 (8) hide
8 (10) salvage
1 (1) exotic hide
Crafting Tool required
Improved grip allows for a more comfortable hold and better recoil compensation.
Extended Magazine All pistols with magazines 14 (16) salvage
2 (2) technical parts
Crafting Tool required; Large Magazine required
A larger magazine allows more shots to be fired before the need to reload.
Ergonomic Grip All semi-automatic pistols 8 (10) hide
2 (3) salvage
1 (1) exotic hide
Crafting Tool required
Improved grip allows for a more comfortable hold and better recoil compensation.
Rifled Barrel All pistols 3 (4) oil
15 (18) salvage
Enhancement Tool required; Polished Barrel required
Barrel rifling allows for a smoother, more precise shot, increasing damage.
Speed Loader All pistols with a cylinder 13 (15) salvage
2 (2) technical parts
Enhancement Tool required
The custom loader increases reload speed by allowing reloading of multiple bullets at once.
Improved Ejector All pistols with magazines 2 (3) oil
10 (12) salvage
7 (7) technical parts
Enhancement Tool required
The shell ejector is improved to decrease jamming and improve rate of fire.
Port Vented Slide All pistols with magazines 13 (15) salvage
2 (2) technical parts
Enhancement Tool required; Improved Ejector required
A vented Slide allows for better distribution of propellant gasses to counter recoil.
High Capacity Magazine All semi-automatic pistols 14 (16) salvage
4 (4) technical parts
Enhancement Tool required; Extended Magazine
A larger magazine allows more shots to be fired before the need to reload.
Chromoly Barrel All pistols with a cylinder 18 (22) salvage
1 (1) chromite ore
3 (3) technical parts
Refinement Tool required; Rifled Barrel required
A super smooth barrel means shots fire with no resistance for increased damage.
Counterweight All semi-automatic pistols 2 (3) oil
15 (17) salvage
3 (3) technical parts
Refinement Tool required; Muzzle Brake required
A barrel weight that helps offset the kick from firing for improved recoil stability.
  • (x) = Survivor Cost

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