Manfred Powell is the primary antagonist of the Tomb Raider's film adaption, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, he appears only in the first film installment.


He was a eleventh member of the Illuminati and sought the Triangle of Light. He was the apprentice of Richard Croft, who also was a member of the Illuminati. However when Richard betrayed the order, it was Manfred Powell, who killed him, and took his seat at the Illuminati council.

Manfred Powell was suggested to Lara Croft as someone who might know more about the The Clock. But it was a ploy just to inform the Illuminati of the existence of the The Clock. Manfred then raided Abbingdon Estate and took the eye.

At Cambodia, Manfred Powell commanded alongside Alex West, hundreds of locals to gain entrance to the Tomb of Keo and retrieving the first of two halves of the Triangle of Light. Powell met Lara inside and agreed on helping her open the Cauldron of Youth, since he was running out of time. However Lara used the pillar she latched upon, shot down and retrieved the piece before Powell could reach it. The Temple stone guardians then came to life, and Powell had no choice but to leave the temple.

Manfred Powell

Powell as member of the Illuminati

Still having the The Clock, forced Manfred Powell and lara Croft to work together on the next expedition to the Ice Cave Tomb in Nepal, containing the final fragment of the Triangle of Light, the Ritual of Restoration committed by the Illuminati leader was cut short by Powell's murder of him. His motivation for the killing was simple, he didn't want to be the right hand man during the new age, he wanted to be a god himself. He then tries to assemble the Triangle of Light, but is unable to do so. Knowing that Lara knows a way, he kills Alex West. Lara then Destroys the The Clock, and takes the needed part for the assembly. Manfred Powell and Lara Croft assembled the Triangle of Light. A Race then commenced to the top of the pyramid to obtain the fully forged triangle.

Powell fight Lara

Manfred Powell fighting Lara Croft, landing a powerful blow

Lara won the race and possessed the powers of the Triangle of Light, she then turned back time to the point of Alex West's death, twisting the knife back at Powell, hitting his shoulder. Lara then destroyed the Triangle of Light, restarting time again. The chamber then began collapsing, and everyone turned to leave, but Powell revealed to Croft that he was the killer of her father, and showed Richard's pocket watch with a picture of Lara's mother inside to prove it. Lara and Powell then engaged into a hand to hand fight - resulting in his death by Lara crushing his throat. Lara retrieved her father's watch, and left.