Mayan Thralls are enemies in the Tomb Raider Series. They were used by Thor to guard Thor's Belt. Mayan Thralls were created when a Mayan person touches/falls into Eitr.


Mayan Thralls are essentially 'zombie' ancient Mayan people. They have a tattered, dull grey/blue appearance. They have orange/brown eyes and when shot, they emit blue 'clouds'.


Mayan Thralls go for a kill first, think later approach. They will charge and hit Lara knocking her over. The Shotgun is very effective against them being able to take one down in a few shots. Adrenaline Headshots can kill a Mayan Thrall in one shot as can sticky grenades. Once a Mayan Thrall is down be sure to 'stomp' them to destroy their skeletons, killing them permanently. (If one of them is destroyed by the headshot or sticky grenade, it smashes the skeleton automatically, so no need to stomp.) Mayan Thralls are similar to the Viking Thralls and Knight Thralls.



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