Money is an item only seen and used in The Angel of Darkness. The money can be found in three variatons: A small amount, enroled in a tape, worth $160, A small bag, worth $300, and a high amount enroled in a circle, worth $600. The money can be used in only rare occasions, wich is: $160 To pay Bernard or Pierre for information and a key to the Serpent Rouge, $300 to apost against the church's trainer for in wich fighter will win, and $600 to buy a Scorpion X handgun from the reporter, after investigating the building in The Monstrum Crime Scene, but only if the player talked and awsered is questions honestly. Money can also be obtained by selling valuable items at Renne's Pawnshop.






  • The secret subway station in wich 5 items are found (2 $160's, one Desert Ranger clip, one Vector R35 clip and a pack of shotgun shells) as a minor resemblance to the "Homeless" sidequest in Silent Hill: Downpour. Murphy Plendeton, the protagonist, must bring three items to a homeless man, taking refuge from the rain in a subway station. The items are a Chocolate Bar, a black leather Jacket and a Fishing Rod. All items locations varies depending on the difficulty. Upon bringing all items, the man will unlock the subway line, allowing faster travelling trough the town, while Lara can't ride the subway, but needs to unlock the door to the subway entrance from behind to get the items.

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