Mr Cruz

Mr. Cruz was an agent of Trinity, working as an assassin.

Biography Edit

Cruz was married at one point, though this ended when he found out that his wife was engaging in at least one affair, for which he strangled her with her own stockings.

Cruz was dispatched by Trinity to kill Kaz Weiss, after she left the organization and told her wife Lucya, about Trinity. He began by searching for her in a bar in Iceland, where he assassinated Kaz's friend Femon.

He then proceeded to Pripyat, where he located Kaz, hiding with her deceased wife's family. He stabbed Pavel, and threatened the rest of the family, and Lara Croft who was also seeking out Kaz. He was caught off gaurd by the family's dogs and was viciously attacked, though he managed to escape.

He was chased by Lara Croft, and after a brief confrontation, in which he managed to stab her, she managed to force him to retreat. Though he later returned with reinforcements. Destroying the house.

Lara managed to disguise herself as one of Trinity's troops long enough to take a shot at the helicopter pilot, causing the aircraft to crash. However, Cruz survived, but suffered from severe burns, broken bones and radiation poisoning. While in Hospital, he contacted Auger Ramille to kill Lara and Kaz, however Ramille, later saw an oppourtunity to train Lara, as his protégé, and refused to kill her. Enraged, Cruz left the hospital against doctors' orders, to finish the job himself.

He arrived in London and managed to capture Kaz, and used her as incentive to lure Lara to him, in the subway tunnels of London. Though they were interrupted by Ramille, who had followed Lara, who proceeded to kill Cruz's grunts. Cruz makes a final effort to try and kill Kaz, though she kicks him onto the electrified rail, finally killing him.

Personality Edit

Cruz is portrayed as being devoted to God, believing himself to do God's bidding, and is angered by "Blasphemy". He is dedicated to his mission, even going as far as to leave hospital to try and accomplish his goals despite still being severely wounded and still needing treatment. After surviving being stabbed, irradiated, and severely burned, Cruz believed that he was immortal and incapable of dying. This added to his delusions that he had been chosen by God.

He is also sadistic, smiling as he recalls murdering Lucya. He is prone to anger, and will lash out, and will not hesitate to threaten violence upon others, or their families.

As well as this, he is a misogynist, stating that he "doesn't approve of all women these days" saying how he doesn't like them thinking themselves equal to men.