The Atlantean Mummies are enemies that make appearances in Tomb Raider 1 and Tomb Raider Anniversary. They may be mummified, but they are completely sentient and capable of movement. 


The Mummies run around at high speeds in an attempt to smack Lara when passing by. Their speed makes it difficult to avoid them. So, if Lara is on level ground with one, a recommended strategy would be to find high ground to take cover on and shoot from. They explode once defeated.


There are several differences in the TR1 and TRA appearances.

  • In TR1, the mummies appear more human-like in figure, while the TRA mummies appear more feral. They both resembles felines, however.
  • In TRA, the mummies have the ability to throw fireballs at Lara.
  • In TR1, the mummies tend to run around aimlessly, only hitting Lara as she passes by. In TRA, they relentlessly follow her and try to knock her down.
  • The TR1 mummies move slightly slower than the TRA mummies.
  • The TRA mummies do not blow up when defeated.


Tomb RaiderEdit

Tomb Raider Unfinished BusinessEdit

Tomb Raider AnniversaryEdit


  • There are two Atlantean Mummies in Tomb of Qualopec. Both stay still, but one of them follows Lara's movements with its head. If Lara shoots it or goes near it, the creature wil fall and die. This was referenced in a cutscene in Tomb Raider: Anniversary.
  • The Atlantean Mummy has the same layout as the Atlantean Creatures, but with a texture of gauze added over the top. 
  • In Tomb Raider Anniversary, they gained the ability to throw fireballs, just like their Atlantean counterparts.
  • These enemies are sometimes mistakenly called Panther Mummies, as they make cat-like noises and growls. 

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