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The Original Timeline is the first timeline and the beginning of the Tomb Raider Franchise.

Lara Croft Edit


The initial Lara Croft is portrayed as a take no nonsense, explorer with a "take no prisoners" attitude. Lara was heralded as a gaming icon, and even as a sex symbol, and the pinnacle of a strong female lead.

Raised in British Aristocracy, Lara lived a life of luxury, though surviving a plane crash, and being forced to survive in the wilderness on her own, changed her. Bored by upper class society, Lara decided to live a life of adventure, much to the dismay of her parents, who disowned their prodigal daughter. Lara turned to writing to finance her adventures, writing a series of travel guides and books about her adventures.

Media Edit

Games Edit

The initial timeline, has the most games that tell a chronological story, although all of them tell individual adventures, and do not connect with each other.

Novels Edit

A series of novels was written to chronicle what happened, between The Last Revelation and the Angel of Darkness

Chronology of Events Edit

Unknown time
  • A large meteorite falls into the jungles of Antarctica.

Unknown Time

Unknown time

  • The Polynesians of Antarctica sculpt five artefacts out of meteorite material. Soon, mutations started occurring in their newborn and they fled Antarctica leaving the artefacts there.

2900 BC

  • The Egyptian god Set is outwitted by his nephew, Horus, and is imprisoned in a secret tomb at the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. It is said that Set will return seeking vengeance at the turn of a distant millennia.

210 BC



  • Brother Herbert of St. Francis' Folly writes his prayer journal which mentions rumors of Tihocan's tomb and his piece of the Atlantean Scion being buried beneath their monastery.








  • In April, a German U-Boat submarine carrying the Spear of Destiny sinks.
  • May 24th - a Newspaper featuring an Inuit whale hunter holding what appears to be the Mask of Tornarsuk is published.
  • August 13th - Margot Carvier is born.
  • July 16th - Natla is freed from her imprisonment when a US bomb test explodes near her prison.
  • Pieter Van Eckhardt escapes from confinement and takes one of the three Periapt Shards with him.














  • Sophia Leigh is born. (likely to be a false birth date created by Sophia)



  • Lara Croft begins private tutoring.
  • Tony is born.




  • Lara Croft survives a plane crash in the Himalayas.



  • Lara Croft accompanies Professor Werner Von Croy on an expedition to Cambodia. Lara returns alone.
    Teen Lara
  • Lara Croft stowaways on Father Bram Patrick Dunstan's hired boat and travels to an island in Connussie, Ireland.



  • Kristina Boaz survives a plane crash which leaves her with a permanent scar.




  • Lara Croft is hired by Ms. 'Jacqueline' Natla of Natla Technologies to recover the Atlantean Scion.
  • Lara Croft recovers a couple statues of Egyptian goddess Bastet and puts a final end to Natla's mutants.


  • Lara Croft searches for the Dagger of Xian where she is rivaled by the Fiamma Nera led by Marco Bartoli.
  • Lara Croft searches for the Mask of Tornarsuk in Alaska.
  • May 26th - Lara Croft breaks into Von Croy Industries and steals the Iris.


  • Lara Croft recovers the Infada Stone in India and is soon hired by Doctor Mark Willard of RX-Tech to recover
    similar artefacts found in Nevada, South Pacific and London.
  • Lara Croft learns of a fifth meteorite artefact and goes in search of it across Scotland, England and France.
  • Lara Croft searches for the Spear of Destiny. She's not the only one. A Russian mafia led by Sergei Mikhailov has bribed the navy to use one of its submarines to go in search of the Spear.


  • Lara Croft is hired by The Times to continue Howard Carter's exhibition as new tunnels have been discovered in Tutankhamun's tomb.
    Amulet of horus 5
  • Lara Croft recovers the Amulet of Horus and has released the Egyptian god Set. Lara is also rivaled by her former mentor Professor Werner Von Croy. Lara must use all her wit and skill to reimprison Set and save the world from Armageddon.


  • Lara Croft is presumed dead and her closest friends, Winston, Father Bram Patrick Dunstan and Charles Kane hold a memorial service for her where they remember Lara's past adventures. Meanwhile, Professor Werner Von Croy coordinates a dig at the Great Pyramid in Egypt to discover Lara's fate.
  • Lara's father and mother visit her memorial stone.


  • Lara Croft resurfaces in Paris.
  • Werner Von Croy is killed by "The Monstrum".
  • Daniel Rennes is killed by "The Monstrum".
  • Mathias Vasiley is killed by Pieter Van Eckhardt.
  • Thomas Luddick is killed by Pieter Van Eckhardt.
  • Grant Muller is killed by Kristina Boaz.
  • Kristina Boaz is killed by Kurtis Trent.
  • Pieter Van Eckhardt is killed by Joachim Karel.


  • The birth dates of many characters were first established in Editions Atlas' Tomb Raider Official Fact Files with the exception of those already established like Lara Croft, Kurtis Trent and some characters from Tomb Raider: Chronicles.

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