Over the Edge is the second issue in the Season of the Witch arc and second issue over all in the Dark Horse series of Tomb Raider Comics.

Plot Edit

Lara, unwilling to accept that Jonah is dead, dives into the unexplained torrent of water to rescue him. She succeeds in pulling his unconscious body from the trailer. Lara is able to stop them from going over the ledge, and the pair are saved by Ray, Lara's guide, who them demands the gold that Jonah mentioned. Lara refuses, and Ray draws a gun on Lara. Jonah regains consciousness long enough to distract Ray, giving Lara the opportunity to attack Ray with her climbing ax, causing him to plummet from the cliff. Jonah apologises to Lara for what he did. The pair are later found by a news helicopter, Jonah is sent to the hospital for evaluation.

Lara heads to Dublin in order to consult with her father's old friend, Professor Calahane to gain information on the pieces Jonah claims to have taken from Yamatai. He identifies one item, a statue, as a Makara, a creature that is part woman, part crocodile, part elephant, the other, which Lara identifies as an antefix, inscrible with Afghan. He translates the text;
"He will have his house wall, floor, roof and door. And each shall have a guardian and each shall bare a calamity. "
―Professor Calahane, translating the text on the antefix.
He asks Lara if he may keep them for further examination, while Lara receives a call from Reyes, who asks to meet with her. They meet and go to a bar for a drink. Reyes reiterates that they stole from Yamatai, though she claims that it had been Lara's idea, that the group deserved it for their ordeal. Lara claims to not remember it.

A man named Matsu, suddenly joins them, demanding the pieces they stole from Yamatai, and threatens Reyes' daughter Alisha at gunpoint to force Reyes to comply.

Meanwhile, Callahane is attacked in his office, by a Makara, almost identical to the one he had been examining, killing him and taking the pieces Lara gave him.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This issue is the referred to as "The Four Guardians" at the End of the of the previous issue.
  • There is a spelling error when Calahane is translating the antefix. Using the word "bear" instead of the correct "bare."

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