Documents - Journal 2

Pages of the Ledger refer to special collectible Documents found in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

There are four total Pages of the Ledger Documents in the game.


Another difficult winter for my people. There are more deaths than births now... and as the seasons pass, the young ones are becoming restless. I see them looking to the sky when the rare plane passes overhead - wishful, wondering, longing.

I know they are still deeply committed to the cause, but I also sense a change coming. An end to our way of life is on the horizon. The most recent invaders are fading from memory. But as the technology of men advances, more are bound to find our valley again. And we are bound with the fate of this place - for better or worse.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Jacob takes great pride and responsibility in his position amongst his people...


I made a mistake today, one that threatens to lead to more mistakes. I spent time alone with Alya - something I have avoided until now.

She reminds me of my beloved Sofia, whom I thought I'd long forgotten, and it opens my heart like a wound. She clouds my judgement, even when she is not present. i sound like giddy child, and those days are far behind me. i must bury these old feelings deep and stay apart from my people for a time.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Jacob's duties meant he was forced to isolate himself... He had to be impartial.


I can no longer deny the pull that Alya has on me. She came to me, alone, as I walked the passes high above the valley. i know now that the draw was mutual.

I explained to her why I could not, should not. Why my position amongst our people should preclude such folly. Why I could never make her happy. But it didn't matter what I said. As my mouth spoke, my arms reached out to enfold her, and we embraced. It has been so long and i am still human.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

These are... very personal records from Jacob. I'm not sure I should be reading them...


Alya is with child... my daughter. I cannot put into words the tempest in my skull. I know I have made a grave mistake. My people will accept it without an ill look, but they too will see the error in my judgement. It seems so cold to call this year of happiness with Alya an error, but with every glorious moment, I knew that we sowed the seeds of tragedy.

I cannot be husband, or a father, and still be who I must be for my people. Some day, I will have to make a decision that pits my duty against the love of my family. I do not know how I will bend that day. God help me. I am a fool.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

This should have been the happiest time of Jacob's life. He's so concerned about failing his people...